As we get older….

we need to be more vigilant and aware of what our bodies are telling us…and we need to listen and act upon that information.

It recently was brought home to me that I am getting older. And unless things have changed with time and/or space-time and/or the space-time-continuum, we all age at the same pace – 1 seconds at a time. Now, we measure things in years or decades if enough years are used to describe the amount of time since something has occurred. Birthdays are the biggest use case.

As more and more of these birthdays pass me and my contemporaries, I have found we have experienced a variety of ailments that often occur when you get to be of a certain age, my own physical battles with sciatica and the like for example but nothing life-threatening. Not until this past week!

While at work a really close friend of mine experienced a tightness around his chest while getting ready. After walking the equivalent of 3 blocks to the area where his job was to begin, the tightness in his chest turned into acute pain he said was like having a spear shoved through his chest. I am not sure when the last time any of us can say we had a spear struck through our chest but I can only imagine it was excruciating. Not one to ignore when something might be amiss, my friend went to the on site nurse who, after some evaluations determined he needed to go to the hospital.

You see, my friend had suffered a mild heart-attack. After the requisite heart tests were done it was shown that my friend had 4 blocked arteries. After some further tests were conducted it was concluded that he would have stints put in place to hold the arteries open. Turns out he ended up with 3 stints and 1 balloon.

This, even though massively scary, was an opportunity for my friend to listen to his body, which thankfully he did. I have heard of people who ignored these signs for one reason or another and didn’t go to see a doctor with disastrous results.

I am happy to report my friend, who now has to be a little more conscious of food and physical activities, is expected to make a full recovery. I am personally grateful that my friend is doing better and that I will get to see him for years to come.

Not everyone gets the same opportunity to be in a place with others around to help and are taken away all too soon. Do you and your loved ones a favor, listen to your body when it speaks to you. You and all your family will be grateful that you did.

For my own part, I will be starting to do yoga at home so that I can better my own sciatica issues and be less prone to accidents in the future.

More to come…



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2 Responses to As we get older….

  1. Tommy Jennings (AKA Mr. Pink) says:

    Thank you James. You are one of my closes friends I considered as family. You take care of yourself and I will do the same so we can have many stories between us.


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