Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 3

  • (1)(3)(160) Mr. Pink-152-*176-201=529 (176) +16
  • (1)(3)(162) Ruben-*165-*155-168=488 (162) +0
  • (0)(0)(104) Lenny-*94-94-124=312 (104) establishing average
  • (3)(4)(173) Tod-*244-135-*226=605 (201) +28
  • (2)(3)(215) James-*195-179-129=503 (167) -48

We took 13 points out of a possible 35. There was a reason and he is writing this post. I know is does no good to dwell on the past, however I must say that everyone did what was needed and then I stunk it all up. I personally submarined our efforts tonight single-handedly. I bowled, on average, 48 pins under average which is greater that the amount that the rest of the team bowled above it. ..COMBINED! That is ridiculous in the extreme.

Some nights you are the bull and others, the china shop. I am trying to put this behind me and tonight I get to do just that. I have accepted responsibility for my complete implosion last week and tonight I get to make things right. Not like I expect to carry the team or that I will do the best ever I have ever done ever. No I simply will focus on each ball and play each frame as if it were a new opportunity to get things right. It’s all I can do. I expect no less from everyone on our team.

In other news a friend of mine in the league and I have a wager going to see who ends the season with the highest average. Last year I ended with 215 and he with 203. This year, after three weeks he is at 221(2) and I am at 199. I think 22(3) pins head-start is good enough. Now I can apply the gas and get back in the game. 🙂

I will try to be more punctual with the updates for tonight’s efforts. I was a little despondent after last week.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 3

  1. Anna says:

    Was your back bothering you or was it just a lousy night for bowling? Is Lenny going to be on your team or just filling in. Good luck next week.. Mom


    • For me, it was a lousy night for bowling. Back it’s fine mostly, just had to deal with some really challenging lanes.

      Linus will be a permanent part of the team this year.

      Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G TouchJames Nutt –


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