Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 4

  • (0)(2)(169) Brian-*179-*154-121=454 (151) -18
  • (1)(5)(159) Ruben-*136-154-*191=481 (160) +1
  • (-)(4)(104) Lenny-*131-*110-*132=373 (124) +20
  • (5)(6)(180) Tod-158-*202-*192=552 (184) +4
  • (3)(5)(199) James-*205-190-*277=672 (224) +25

As a team we took 26 out of a possible 35 last night, if the numbers can be believed. I overheard one of the other teams bowlers mentioning something wasn’t correct. However….until I hear otherwise these are the numbers I am going with.

Last night was a much different animal than the week before. As a team we were +32 pins over average with only Brian having an off night which was really only one not so good game going 48 pins under average. I can relate with going 86 pins under average last week my last game. Not trying to be the guy that one-ups everything, merely pointing out that we all can have a bad game and that it might not be indicative of how you bowled the whole night.

On a personal note I want to say that I am SO thankful Mr. Pink is doing better after his mild heart attack and stint placement. It was scary for everyone, especially him, but he handled it with as well as you can expect anyone to handle such a traumatic life-changing event.

A couple shout-outs to make. Lenny, my brother was able to join our team and fill a last-minute vacancy, is doing well. He is having to adjust to a new way of bowling since when last he bowled, maybe 10 years ago, he bowled a straight ball. He is also throwing a 15 lbs. ball which is a little heavier than what he threw before. Finally with some many other people in the league throwing big hooks he felt some internal pressure to also throw a big hook. We spoke about this and he does realize that those sorts of things take time and are not necessary to be as good a bowler as you can be. He has a couple of things he is focusing on and I am sure that he will do well.

I would also like to mention that Tod has been on a bit of a tear these opening weeks of bowling. He has set his sights on a 200 average and is knocking down some really nice scores every night. I also want to point out that two weeks in a row Tod has also won two poker hands. Som-Bitch knows how to plays his-self some cards.

Ruben has really been able to get his ball working well this year and has talked about moving from his 14 lbs. ball to a 15 next year. I don’t think that is a bad idea. I also want to point our Ruben has one of the best 10-pin spare balls I have seen in a while on a relatively new bowler. He suitcases the ball perfectly and essentially throws his ball, which is made to hook, as if it were straight. That is kind of awesome.

This year Ruben has said he needs to focus on his mental game. I agree with that. Once your ability to parse out good from bad and tell what is working from what isn’t and being truly honest with yourself about how to correct something that isn’t working so well, you can never get any better.

I also want to say thank you to Brian and Terri, our subs for this year. They have been able to step up and help out tons already this year so we could field a full team each week. Thanks guys.

On a personal note, I melted down last week. It happens from time to time. So sue me! I was so frustrated about the ball and lane conditions and body mechanics and this and that and blah blah blah that I was not able to focus and bring my head into the game and really figure out what I was doing wrong. So this past week I thought about what I was doing wrong. I thought back to what was so terrible about last week. I remember it was that the ball either of the ones I throw, were both hooking way too much. I remember that on my release I was really turning the ball over and in my frustration skipped over this very key element of my game.

Basically we call it, or at least I do, door-knobbing the ball. Door-knobbing is when at the moment you release the ball, you turn the ball counter-clockwise (for us right-handed bowlers) 180 degrees, like you would a door-knob. This did two things; the first was to get WAY too much hook on the ball and the second was to not allow me to get the ball outside enough before it started to hook back into the pins.

My last game last week, the one where I shot a 129, had 4 or 5 splits in it, I will have to verify with Mr. Pink on this as he keeps track of each frame for our nickel-dime-quarter pot, and was a whopping 86 pins under average This is what happened to me because I let my frustration get the better of me and I could not focus on releasing the ball properly.

This week started out a little slow and I felt like I had to work hard to get my 205, 190 in the first two games. The last game I focused on what I could control and how the lanes were breaking down and how I adjusted to leaving several 10-pins on pretty decent pocket shots. This was the result: X X X X X X X X 7/ X X X = 277

I lost focus of the 9th frame and was thinking about my overall score and didn’t follow through with my shot. As a result the ball came in high leaving me the 3-6-10 to pick up.

I made sure to stop the rotation of my wrist at 90 degrees, not the 180 from last week and was able to get a much better read on the lane with more consistent results. Now, it took me until the third game to figure this out as I was really very nervous and not confident in my abilities after last week but I did manage to get my sh*t together enough to make a decent night of it.

More to come…

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