The Dark Lanterns & Defenders of Terralon Update

As our DM that runs the Defenders of Terralon game is unavailable for the month of October so our other mainstream DM, currently running The Dark Lanterns game, will be shouldering the gaming load for the next couple weeks.

Sadly my update for the last Defenders of Terralon session is somewhat short. For reasons I rather not discuss I left the session early and can only describe what I was there for and what happened after second-hand.

As we have finally cleared out the last spire and converted it back to emitting positive energy we have a choice to make in terms of how to proceed with the next phase of the campaign; we can either question the Grand Vizier, the Lord Chamberlain or try and find out if the heirs to the throne  are alive and if so where they are.

He have decided to see the Grand Vizier (I think) and see if he can tell us where the real heirs are. To do this we have to sneak inside the city which is now heavily guarded and is more a police state than anything. Ships wanting to load and unload goods, dock in one of the special bays that is like a bowl; large side rise up all around the docks with guards keeping heavy watch.

Our first job was trying to gain access into the city. We we coming up with a plan on sneaking our way into the city using one or more of the magic items we have in our possession like a portable hole and a bag of holding.

It was during the process of explaining where our ship was and the surrounding details that I hit a wall and left the table. (I was up at 3am that morning after-all) I was cranky and would have said some mean things if I stayed so I left without rolling a single combat roll.

What happened next was the exciting part and is told from my brother and the DM after the fact. As the party continued to offload crates onto the dock, the time finally came to try and hide from the guards that were keeping watch over all our activities. We failed…miserably!!! I think 1’s were rolled and the party now faces some serious questioning.

The next part is a little fuzzy in details but as I can piece together one of the guards or maybe a higher ranking official came down to ask questions and one thing led to another and from his body tour out a creature of truly horrible description bent on making the party pay for trying to sneak into the city.

A battle erupted and the party was victorious. That is all I know and sadly there are no pictures to share. 😦

So…with the Defenders of Terralon game mothballed and our other DM not wanting to play without our DM running the Defenders game (I know it is confusing – both our DM’s play characters in each others games) wanted a little break before running The Dark Lanterns game decided to run a 1-shot (although in this case it will be 3) game until our other DM can run his character again. He has decided to have us roll up new 5th level characters which he will run a canned module for for the next 3 sessions.

I am playing a halfling invoker called Shoomba the Mighty. Something I haven’t played before. Should be fun. The great thing about 1-off games is that you can play a little more daring if you want to. Also combat usually plays a significant role in them.

More to come…


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  1. Paul says:

    Decided to go back and reread the last entry 😦


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