Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 6

  • (0)(4)(169) Brian-*146-128-*154=428 (142) -27
  • (-)(8)(123) Lenny-148-*139-*146=433 (144) +21
  • (1)(8)(159) Ruben-*146-*171-*192=509 (169) +10
  • (6)(9)(182) Tod-*201-136-160=497 (165) -17
  • (7)(8)(203) James-218-*215-*233=666 (222) +19

Last nights bowling was a mixed bag; we had two bowlers bowl well under average and three bowlers bowl pretty well above. As a team we were +6 and took 30 out of 35 points. This last part was really nice too since we had been not doing well for the last couple weeks. We were in 9th place out of 20 before last night.

The highlights:

Ruben (+10 per game) started off a little shaky the first game but then figured things out and improved by more than 20 pins per game the next two. Ruben also won all three of his points last night which is cool for a couple of reasons; the first being that he was falling behind the rest of us in individual points won and the second was that I don’t think anyone on our team this year has taken all three points. Nice job.

I (+19 per game) was able to maintain my composure and mostly figured out how to bowl again and was consistent each game and finished strong with a 233 (30 pins above average – go me!)

My brother Lenny (+21 per game) was the strong man last night at +21 per game. He continues to be really consistent and is getting used to throwing a ball with a hook. Albeit the hook he is throwing is not overly pronounced it is there and he continues to get used to both not having bowled in a league for maybe a decade and throwing a ball made to hook. Lots to learn in a relatively short period of time. Fantastic job Lenny.

Tod (-17 per game) bowled well his first game (201) but then struggled his last two, falling short of his average. I believe, after talking with Tod about it, that his errors were more mental and focus related. He had issues with keeping the ball out far enough so that when it came out of the oil and broke it wouldn’t come in high.

Brian (-27 per game) struggled a bit in all his games but I believe this is more to do with the fact he is a substitute bowler and doesn’t bowl weekly like the rest of us do so muscle-memory and things that in grain when you bowl all the time have time to imprint. We appreciate the fact that he is willing to sub for us when needed and always has a great attitude regardless of how he is bowling.

As far as Karl and my wager, here is how I have it broke down after last night;

  • Karl bowled 665+3358(total pins to date)=223
  • I bowled 666+3048(total pins to date)=206

As of last night I gained 3 pins on Karl with almost 1 quarter of the season gone. At this rate I will catch him in the 4th quarter (wink-wink).

In other random awesome bowling news – One of the guys in our league bowled his first ever 300 game and 800 series (810). He carries a 204 average right now but I am used to seeing him between 212-222, usually right around my average or a little higher. Looks like he started off a little slow this year too…until last night. How awesome.

Finally, if anyone wants to go out and see all the other people in the league or check out how each team is doing on your own instead of waiting for my color-work, here is the official link to take you to the bowling league site.

Independent Merchants

More to come…

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2 Responses to Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 6

  1. Karl says:

    I am flabbergasted to find out that Daryl had never had a 300 before!!! I can’t even imagine having a 222 average and never hitting that milestone. Although I am still looking for my first 800 so who am I to talk much…


    • I know, pretty amazing huh? I just presumed he had rolled his 300(s) in other leagues years ago. Just a REALLY consistent bowler I guess.

      The elusive 800 is a big one to get and the way you have been bowling in recent years I feel confident that you will get yours sooner rather then later.

      And while you guys keep rolling the big games/series I will try to remember how to bowl. Some nights are like that. 🙂


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