Tell me about some of your favorite gaming experiences ~

Often I write about gaming, specifically the games I play in on Wednesday nights. I tend to speak from the point of view of the characters I play. I have recently tried to make it a little more educational explaining what certain definitions mean or what effects were or what each of the party members high-level roles were when their moments came up in the retelling of the session.

I realize this has not been the greatest retelling that could be done but I do my best. In all truth it allows for me to write and feel comfortable with the telling of stories. Maybe a narrative more than a story but I am working into it.

You guys get to hear what fun adventures I have each week. Now I would like to hear from you what some of your favorite adventures or gaming experiences. Please be as specific or vague as you want and if you mind if I post your submission here. I would like to share them if you are okay with that but if you aren’t I am happy to read them and keep them all to my self.

Let me start off. I have several vague accounts that always bring a smile to my face and one that makes me a little sad. More about that later.

Gaming Memory #1 – My very first experience playing D&D with someone else when I was in middle-school. I really only remember one of the guys arguing with the person running the game (DM). The DM then casually said to the person arguing with him “Okay, so you grow 50ft. of hair from your ass and a pit opens up before you and you are forced to jump over it. As you do a giant in the pit grabs hold of your 50ft. long ass-hair and pulls you down into the pit and kills you.” We learned not to piss off the DM back in the day.

Even though we really kind of threw the rules at that age, (9-11) early 80’s, we started on a path that I would continue to walk even to this day.

Memory #2 – It was the mid to late 80’s, I was a teenager and was likely a junior or senior in high-school or just out of high-school. There was the DM (Dungeon Master), two brothers, me and another friend or two. I can’t remember exactly how many when we first started.

What I do remember is that we played in the brothers’ kitchen nook. It was pretty awesome. We all crammed in to play. Often we played board games like Slap-Shot or Mafia something-or-another and once we played King Maker, but this time was D&D. I remember only parts of the games. I remember the younger brother’s character getting his hand cut off, likely on a Critical Hit (a 20 on a d20) and then strapping a shield to it and continuing on! UPDATE! I bowl with both the brothers to this day and spoke with the younger of the two whose character I am referring to and he told me his name…dammit, I can’t remember it right now but I will get it for you.

Wacky Wafers

Wacky Wafers

I remember how we would walk around the corner to the local (Mini)-Mart to get Jolt cola and Wacky Wafers. Especially how the banana flavored ones gave the older brother terrible gas when he ate them. Silent but deadly was right! I also remember staying up late and making a late-night dash to the Burgerville on

Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola

82nd and Glison 10 minutes before closing to order 27 ( yes-twenty-seven) burgers/cheeseburgers (some with extra spread, some without) and something like 8 barrels of fries (cuz they came in barrels back then) and various soft drinks. You could just hear the teller thinking aloud in his mind that we



were fucking assholes because he had ordered the grill be closed and to start clean-up so they could get the heck out of there as soon as the doors locked at 11pm.

Although I had done some gaming before I had not played in such a large group before. It was a little daunting but mostly exciting. Clearly I don’t remember much of the games we played, mostly the company we kept and how I felt when we were together and playing. It was pretty friggin’ sweet.

We played late into the night, sleeping on the couch, if you could call it first or the floor if you didn’t. In the morning we would wake up and make German pancakes. It was awesome!

Memory #3 – This is my first experience with being in an almost T.P.K. (Total Party Kill). I believe we were playing Middle Earth as opposed to D&D. Same group of people as I had in high-school. We were playing a mega game with a party totaling 17 PC’s and NPC’s. There was maybe 9-11 actual players and the rest were played by the DM. I remember after the mega-battle there were only 2 of us left, me, a halfling (sort of like a hobbit – but not) thief, and another guy who was playing a dwarven fighter. We hid under a wagon when the S hit the F and then climbed into it and beat feet/hoof out of there. I remember as we were leaving the scene of carnage that there were 4 or 5 surviving party members that all had hold person spells cast on them so were pretty much helpless. The villain was asking them to renounce their friends and join his side, or something like that. As each one of my companions refused he would run a long sword through them. It was horrible. Not a game for the faint of heart. BUT I did remember that there was a serious side to a game and that actions had consequences.

Memory #4 – I remember one little snippet of a game ran by the guy who ran the last two sessions mentioned above. This one found our party rescuing a human whose mind had just about cracked after being forced to watch his companions turned into jelly, by squashing them with huge rocks, by ogres that had captured them. He was gaunt, near starvation as he refused to eat the jelly they made him watch them make. That is some truly gruesome stuff right there. Believe me when I say we had incentive to deal with the ogres in a very permanent way.

Memory #5 – Shortly after our teens were up and we life was really taking a more firm hold of us we all kind of separated for a while or turned away from gaming. I remember trying other systems like Shadowrun. Love the back story but the game sadly sucked balls in a big way back then. Once your decker (a person that jacked into the matrix) made his/her way into the Matrix you were on your own and the rest of the party was just in limbo while they did their thing in the real world, usually watching of the meat body of the decker. Really clunky. I have recently heard that 5th edition is either out or coming out and that lots of these issues have been addressed and fixed. Not sure if I would play it again although I do still love reading the novels even to this day.

I think in the interest of keeping this relatively short, I am going to post this.

Remember – let me know if you want to have me post your own experiences or kept to myself. I think I can do that here.

More to come…

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