Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 8

  • (2)(6)(164) Mr. Pink-158-177-118=453 (151) -13
  • (-)(12)(127) Lenny-*140-*211-*142=493 (164) +37
  • (2)(13)(163) Ruben-*175-*190-183=548 (182) +19
  • (9)(13)(182) Tod-135-*189-*190=514 (171) -11
  • (9)(14)(209) James-*241-*217-*216=674 (224) +15

As a team we took 25 out of 35. We also were +47 over average as a team. Not bad for the start of the second quarter. 🙂 As a team we had some ups and downs, fortunately they were mostly up. We bowled one of the teams that came over from Hollywood Bowl last year. A team made up of 3 or 4 brothers and a brother-in-law. They were a little quiet at first but our teams jovial nature soon overcame that and we all started talking with one another. That is the way bowling should be in my opinion.

Mr. Pink started off just under his average, then came back to go ahead of his average in game 2 but the wheels fell off in game 3 and he rolled about as low a score as I have seen him do all year. That’s okay though, really. We ALL have those moments and for Mr. Pink it was only one game. His attitude never showed he was upset and he continued to muddle through without affecting anyone else with his disappointment. That sort of thing can become contagious. Mr. Pink was a real professional and kept it to himself busying himself with tracking our frame-by-frame money pot. I will explain about that later. Mr. Pink, I appreciate the way you were able to not get upset (on the outside), that takes a lot of self control. He handled it much better than I did when I bowled really low one game earlier this year.

Lenny…what can I say? The night belonged to him. He crushed everything before him. He shot 140-211-142 for the night. This is his best night this year and his first 200 as I recall. So awesome. On a side note, the second game Lenny had the second highest score of both teams. Second only to mine where I had to strike out just to beat him by 6 pins. What a night. Great going Lenny.

Ruben had a really good night too only overshadowed by Lenny. Maybe one of his most consistent nights. No stellar games but all three were above average by a fair bit. It just seemed like he was really calm and relaxed and having a good time. The pins were just falling for him. Nice rollin’ man!

Tod started out a little rough but managed to figure out what was going on and pull better than average games the last 2 games of the night. Way to pull it together Tod. It takes a bit of effort to not get frustrated and tank the whole night after a rough start like you had. Glad you stuck with it and were able to get it figured out. Nice when that happens. Nice job Tod.

James – I started out really good although I almost tanked the 10th frame in the 1st game by leaving a big split (3-4-6-7 – I think – maybe one of the guys can help me remember what it was). I was able to convert the split and strike out for a 241. The next 2 games were good but not stellar. I was consistent and left only one open for the night…a stinking 10-pin. Go figure. All in all it was a solid night however I did get lower and lower score as the night went on. All were above my average but the last 2 were just.

Regarding Karl and my high-average competition; Karl was not feeling well so didn’t bowl. I gained 2 pins on my average so went from 209 to 211. Karl remains at 217. I am only 6 pins behind him now. The real battle will be the last 2 quarters of the league I think. It is gonna be fun.

More to come.

Peace be with you!

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2 Responses to Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 8

  1. Michelle says:

    congrats to the bowling team. M


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