Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 9

  • (2)(7)(162) Mr. Pink-*177-138-157=472 (157) -5
  • (-)(15)(133) Lenny-*144-*131-*151=426 (142) +9
  • (2)(14)(165) Ruben-*179-168-122=469 (156) -9
  • (10)(13)(181) Tod-151-172-161=484 (161) -20
  • (11)(16)(211) James-*234-*242-193=669 (223) +12

As a team we took 12 our of 35. This is unfortunate as we started off taking 9 out of 10 points in the first game. Sadly we took only 2 the second game and Lenny got our only point in the 3rd game. Oh well. There is always next week. I think we will be hungry and looking to get back towards the top of the heap again.

Mr. Pink started off well in the first game but things got a little shaky the second. Fortunately he was able to bring it back up for the 3rd game salvaging what could have been not so good a night. Glad you were able to pull out a decent last game. Way to hang in there Mr. Pink.

Lenny was solid all night but had a slow start on the second game but was able to pull out a game just under his average by 2 pins. Overall he was +9 for the night and took all three of his points. Nice bowling!

Ruben started off well and was above average the first 2 games but the wheels came off the third game a bit. Good start, rough finish. Overall not a bad night. Keep up the good work.

Tod had about as rough a night as I have seen from him. His scores were all pretty close which means to me that he just was never to find a line he could consistently work. This is important for making your average and going beyond. Some nights are like that. Like I mentioned about Mr. Pink the other week when he did not have the greatest night, Tod kept his chin up and mustered through the night of what was clearly frustrating for him. Way to keep the positive attitude through adversity!

I bowled well the first 2 games, going 234 and 242 but started over-thinking things and forgot how to bowl apparently. Actually I was just not able to get the ball outside and was unable to get strikes consistently. I still was +12 for the night even though I fell off the last game (which I hate doing) and shorted myself another 30-40 pins and the possibility of a 700 series (the which I have not bowled yet)

Karl took advantage of my lapse in the 3rd game to out-score me by 9 pins. We both went a pin so here is how our averages stand:

  • Karl – 218
  • James – 212

Neither gained or lost ground in terms of average. The pins will only come into play if we both end with the same average.

I believe that is all I have for now.

More to come…

Peace be with you!

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