Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 10

  • (2)(8)(161) Mr. Pink-*152-144-181=477 (159) -2
  • (-)(18)(135) Lenny-*142-*146-*123=411 (137) +2
  • (3)(16)(164) Ruben-145-*189-*205=539 (179) +15
  • (10)(14)(179) Tod-*200-169-125=494 (164) -15
  • (13)(18)(212) James-203-*194-*258=655 (218) +6

As a team we took 23 out of 35, which is a reversal from last week when we took only 12. This was also against a team that was higher in the standings than us so we likely will be able to jump a number of spots in the standings. Having said that, this early into the new quarter there is a lot of shifting as no one team or group of teams has broken away from the pack…yet.

Mr. Pink struggled a little bit with his speed this week although was able to get things under control for his third game where he went 20 pins over average. Way to finish up the night Mr. Pink. I will also say that below average scores can breed a mind-set that messes with your game…if you let it. You get to second guessing things you know to be true. You also say it is okay to settle for what you are given, like you have no say in how things are going. Bullshit! Mr. Pink proved that even when you struggle a bit, you can reset yourself and make a good game of it. Nice Job Mr. Pink.

Lenny has been really strong and consistent since he has started with only 1 off game several weeks ago. Since then he has been able to come back and steadily improve his average week over week. Last night Lenny was over on his first 2 games and then struggled a little his last game to come in a little shy of his average. On the strength of his first 2 game he was able to squeak out 2 pins over average per game for the night. Lenny has been a boss with winning individual points. He now has 18, same as me, although he has done it with 2 fewer (6 games) less than I have done it. Way to tear it up Lenny!

Ruben started the night off a little slow struggling a bit on how to keep the ball outside so it didn’t come in high all the time. His first game was rough and unless he figured something out it was going to be a long a frustrating night….BOOM Shaka-LAKA! Ruben was able to find a new line and adjust his throw which was able to get him into the pocket for the remainder of the night. His second game was +25 over average and his last game was 16 above that. Ruben was definitely the man of the night and in no small part allowed us to take the last game and total pins. Nice job Ruben.

Tod started off well enough, not even realizing he had rolled a 200 his first game until he looked up and beamed at his score. The good times were not to last sadly. The wheels started to wobble the second game where he went 10 under and then they came off in the last game altogether where he kept coming in high or brooklyn (crossing over to the opposite side of the head pin) leaving the 3-6-10 or 6-10 or 10, seven times in 10 frames. It was a tough last game. Tod’s attitude remained positive once off the lanes where he left his frustrations. Way to keep you composure in the teeth of adversity.

I once again struggled a little bit, this time for the first 2 games. I fought myself and my instincts. This was a recipe for not doing so well. I managed to figure things out for the last game and rolled a 258 which saved the night for me. Yeah Me!

In terms of Karl and me, here is how that stands:

  • (218) Karl-181-190-248=619 (206) -12 (216)
  • (206) James-203-194-258=655 (218) +12 (213)

Looks like I gained a little on Karl and he slowed down a little for me to catch up. Nice of him, don’t you think? Actually, Karl and I are really close in average and have been for years. I actually like something else aside from personal goals to focus on to spur me on. It’s fun and adds another element to the game we love so much.

You can check out all the action at this site – Independent Merchants

On a final note, I want to point out something rather embarrassing, I misspelled the name of the league I have been bowling in for the last maybe 15 years! I spelled it IndependAnt Merchants instead of the correct IndependEnt Merchants. (Sigh) Spelling is hard.

More to come…

Peace be with you!

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