Freedom! Dream Pursuit Engaged!


Yesterday I put in my 2 week notice so that I can pursue a dream of mine to work in the Voice Over industry. Actually I have lots of dreams but this is the one that I have been most focusing on so that I can make it a reality.

February 5th 2014 would have been 9 years combined with InterCall and previously Corvent LLC. It was time to move on.

I am so excited for what the future holds. As I wrote in an email to my colleagues at work “It is important to live life by the choices we make and not the ones we do not.” To that end I am now fully committed to making a new career for myself as a voice over actor. Soon I will have my website up and running. As soon as I do I will post a link to it so that you can go in and peruse.

More to come…

Peace be with you!

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2 Responses to Freedom! Dream Pursuit Engaged!

  1. Anna says:

    Congratulations Sweety, the best of luck in everything you choose to do. Love, Mom


  2. Thanks Mom! This is truly one of the biggest events of my life. Even though it is a little scary it is a LOT exciting.


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