Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 11

  • (2)(9)(161) Mr. Pink-126-129-*168=423 (141) -20
  • (-)(21)(135) Lenny-*131-*155-*155=441 (147) +12
  • (4)(18)(166) Godzilla-150-*179-*171=500 (166) Even
  • (11)(14)(177) Toad-156-148-168=472 (157) -20
  • (14)(19)(213) Awe-224-224-*247=695 (231) +18

As a team we split 17/18. This is quite good considering the fact we only took 1 point the first game and 2 points the second game. In essence, we all 4 of us took our points the last game and won by more than the combined total of what the other team won the first 2 games by. We took the overall by only 7 pins. WOW! I just want to say that this was going to be a blowout of epic proportions and the guys stepped up, some after having a rough night, and dug within themselves to not give up and make every shot count.

Awesome job Guys!

As a team we were -10 for an average but that came from the first 2 games, certainly not the 3rd. As far as trends go it was pretty consistent that everyone got better as the night went on, which is good.

Mr. Pink struggled considerably his first 2 games however with a little friendly nudge from a friend, moved to the right and saw his game improve his last game. Personally I think this was a good move and would like to see Mr. Pink start off from the right and see if this was a one-time thing or if it might be a positive change for the future. In any case, Mr. Pink could have folded after rolling 2 sub-par games, but he didn’t. He kept a positive attitude and as a result helped us claim 17 points of the night. Nice intestinal Fortitude!

Lenny, what can I say about him? He has been the strong man of the team as of late. Lenny started the league with a 104 average and is up to 136 after last night. After 21 games he has gone from 133 to 136, he now has won more points on the team than anyone, this without being here for the first 2 weeks AND he has won his last 12 points in a row. Lenny went +12 for the night and finished with 2 strong games. Keep them shoulders strong Lenny, we may (probably will) need them again.

Godzilla (‘Zilla) started just shy of his average and then poured it on the last 2 games. His mastery of his ball and the mechanics of bowling is evident every time I see him bowl. He still has a way to go but he has shown such growth in the last few years it is scary awesome. I am really proud of the way he has adapted to bowling.

Toad saw a tough night of bowling and struggled with carrying corner pins on his first ball through his first 2 games. The last game he did manage to suck it up and picked up all 3 10-pins he had in the game which definitely helped us take the points we desperately were striving for. Way to keep your head in the game and not giving up! That shows a lot a poise. I am glad you are on the team!

I felt like a struggled a bit last night at times, but with 224-224-247 it is hard to believe, I know. Here is why I say like I felt like I struggled at bit; there were times I would throw the ball effortlessly and string 4 or 5 strikes together and then lose something and get a spare, strike, open in succession before finding what I did wrong and get back to throwing strikes again. Am I crying about my efforts from last night? HELL NO! I bowled my ass off and had my highest series of the season and kept all games above my average and got stronger as the night progressed.  Yeah Me!

This is how Karl and I are keeping pace with one another:

  • Karl-237-186-235=658 (His average now goes to 217)
  • James-224-224-247=695 (My average now goes to 214)

Still three pins behind but I have him in my sites. 🙂 Actually all silliness aside (well, most of it anyway) I think this was a really good way to keep the both of us motivated and focused on the task ahead or certain goals we both have, one of which we both share is to end a season of bowling with a 220+ average. I think this may be the year for the both of us.

You can check out more about our league and its bowlers as well as pretty much anything else you want to know about joining a league or buying merch (merchandise for those not in the know) by clicking on the link below.

Independent Merchants

More to come…

Peace with you!

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2 Responses to Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 11

  1. Michelle says:

    Saw the name changes on your bowling score, is Lenny going to pick one out as well. M (And to all you on the team Whoohoo.)


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