Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 12

  • (2)(12)(158) Mr. Pink-*168-*138-*210=516 (172) +14
  • (-)(23)(136) Lenny-*127-*144-123=394 (131) -5
  • (5)(20)(166) ‘Zilla-*150-*166-111=427 (142) -24
  • (12)(16)(175) Toad-144-*229-*180=553 (184) +9
  • (15)(19)(214) Awe-169-198-195=562 (187) -27

Where to start? There are so many things to say about last night’s bowling I hardly know where to start. Let me begin with BLARGH! That about sums it up. To be fair, there are reasons why that is…and it’s not all made up bowling shit. 🙂

One little caveat before we get started; remember the guy whom I mentioned bowled his first ever 300 game and the same night rolled his first ever 800 series? Good. He, as it turns out, was not the only person to bowl really well. Like REALLY well. 20th Century (the House we bowl at) saw its highest series ever rolled recently…an 879.

So for those of you not full understanding bowling let me explain this to you in a way that might make sense. The difference between a 279 and a perfect 300 is not 21 pins like the score suggests but really the difference of 1 pin. Huh!? you might be saying, clearly 279 is 21 pins less than 300. And you would right – BUT – in bowling we have special math that us to get 30 pins per frame even tho there are just 10 pins you could possibly knock down each frame. In bowling, whenever you knock all the pins down in a single shot on your first ball (you get two tries each frame) it is called a strike and you get to add the next 2 balls you roll to its score. That means if you get a strike in the first frame and you get a strike in the second frame you still get to add the pin count of the next ball you throw to give you a score in just your first frame. This means if you keep striking throughout the game you would get 30 points per frame and at the end you would have a perfect 300. With a 279 a person starts with a least 2 strikes, gets a 9 instead of a strike and then picks up the single pin for a spare and continues to roll all strikes the rest of the game. Another way to say it is a 279 is just like a 299, both have 11 strikes in a row plus a 9-count/spare for a 279 or 9-count for the last ball in the 10th frame to give you a 299. 1 pin is the difference!

SO…the guy in our league who I mentioned before who shot his first ever 300/800 followed that up with a 795 series a week later and a couple of weeks later rolled a 820 series. Because of all these really high series and higher averages and bigger games being bowled by lots of people across many leagues, the powers that be at the bowling alley decided to add more oil to the pattern on the lanes. This oil follows a pattern and apparently that pattern and the amount of oil used is such that too many bowlers were able to throw bigger games/series…and they can’t have that. I guess it gives an unfair advantage compared to other alley’s and there are standards/guidelines that each alley is required to follow to keep them in line with the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) which is the governing body of bowling.

Having said all that, bowlers who tended to have more hook didn’t fare so well last night. Or rather, bowlers who play to the outside of the lanes didn’t fair as well as bowlers who played more inside. All the added oil keeps the ball from breaking as much and scores were drastically lower last night as a direct result.

As a team we took 21.5 out of 35 and I am excited about that. We can continue to be in the top 5 or 6 teams as we come get close to the position round in 2 weeks.

Mr. Pink was figuring things out the same as the rest of us but I think the oil effected him less because he tends to throw in the center of the lane rather than using the outside. As a result once he locked it in he was on fire and finished on a strong note to the tune of 210. Sweet Bowling Mr. Pink!

Lenny was once again really consistent and although he didn’t make his average the 1st or 3rd games, he did manage to get it his 2nd. For the night he was under average but not by enough to where his average dropped. Way to keep steady!

‘Zilla started a little slow and had the wheels come completely off the rails the last game but that was due more to physical issues he was experiencing more than the lanes I think. He did manage to make average the second game which was tough to do which some of us (me) weren’t able to do. Feel better and way to keep focused enough to at least make average once.

Toad, like the rest of us, struggled with the oil and started below average his first game. Between the 1st and 2nd games he and I spoke a little and I mentioned what I saw him doing body mechanically wise and we discussed what to do about it and where he should move to on the lanes to deal with the oil and then BAM!!! he rolled a 229 which was the highest score I had seen on our set of lanes are any of the lanes right around us. He blew the doors off. Awesome bowling Toad!

I had some issues as you might imagine but don’t really have a good excuse for why I bowled so poorly. You see, I bring 2 bowling balls with me; one I bowl with most of the time with a nice easy, manageable hook and then another more aggressive hooking ball for when there is lots of oil…like last night. here is the thing tho, you need to maintain your equipment and I hadn’t replaced my finger inserts from last year and they were getting hard and worn and as a result they didn’t allow for the lift I should get. For the first game I struggled with bowling back and forth with both balls, neither of which were working. Finally I broke down and got new inserts in my aggressive ball and went to work. I struggled some but was only one mark (strike/spare) away from average both games so I count myself pretty fortunate. Next week I am ready and will be back to improving my average. Boo-ya!

This is how Karl and I are keeping pace with one another:

  • Karl-124-208-168=500 (166) -51 His average now goes to a 212 (This is as rough a night as I have seen Karl bowl. The oil really messed with him (like most of us) but I am sure he will be back next week prepared to do battle once again.
  • James-169-198-195=562 (187) -27 My average now goes to 212. I already discussed my issues above. I will be ready to go next week.

More to come.

Peace be with you!


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