Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 13

  • (-)(4)(152) Terri-127-*139-*177=443 (147) -5
  • (-)(26)(136) Lenny-*159-*159-*122=440 (146) +10
  • (5)(23)(164) Zilla-*108-*145-*142=395 (131) -33
  • (13)(17)(176) Toad-*168-176-155=499 (166) -10
  • (17)(19)(212) Awe-123-169168=460 (153) -59

As a team we split 19/16 with the other team. We won two games out of three but total pins went to the other team as they were able to overcome the amount we beat them the two team games we took. Deep Sigh! That is frustrating to me as I know that had I bowled even close to my average in any game especially the first game where I was a staggering 89 pins UNDER average we might have taken the series from them. As it is I will be happy with 19 points since as a team we shot 97 pins under average per game.

Mr. Pink was out for the week and in his place we had Terri bowling with us. Terri has not bowled with us in almost a year or two save for the one time earlier in the year. I would say that Terri bowled pretty well considering that. she started off a little rough but improved every game and blew away her average the last game by 25 pins! Nice bowling Terri.

Lenny was once again a rock for us; he managed 23 pins over average the first 2 games before slowing a little for the 3rd game. Overall he averaged +10 per game and won all 3 of his points. He is steadily improving his average week after week and seems to be having fun. I am very proud of him!

‘Zilla had a rough night from beginning to end. Although he bowled his lowest game of the year his 1st game he did improve the last 2 games and managed to keep his cool even when the “10” pins weren’t falling for him.

Toad had a challenging night as well only hitting his average once but managed to keep his composure so that he bowled only 10 pins under average for the night. He also maintained a smile on his face and a good attitude throughout the ordeal which says a lot for his character. I am glad he is on the team, his calm demeanor help emotions from flying off the hook more than they would were he not there.

I bowled the worst night of bowling I have done (since last week) by a lot. I was 59 pins under average per game and bowling an abysmal 123 my first game. That is 89 pins under average. As much as I would like to say something positive about the way I bowled or my character or how I managed to keep things in perspective…I simply cannot come up with anything. I remember the fact that I dumped the ball in the gutter about 7 times. The ball just rolled off and into the gutter on my first ball, not going after a 10-pin of which there were many, just caught the outside oil any never came back. By the end of the night I had devolved into swearing and cursing and had given up trying to salvage anything resembling bowling of the night.

At this rate I will be hard pressed to continue to want to bowl at this bowling house any longer if the lane conditions continue to be so completely unforgiving and designed to utterly destroy bowlers averages. I have bowled for the last 30 years of my life and about half of them at this house and have fought tooth and nail to get my average to where it is and at a point I feel proud of. I cannot simply stand idly by while my average as well as almost every one else does the same without saying and or doing something about it. If the rest of the year is the same as it has been the last 2 weeks I will not bowl at this house next year. Whether my team comes with me or not I will be forced to make that choice. I love bowling too much to stop but cannot stay someplace where the conditions are such that you need to buy different equipment to maintain your average.

Now that I have vented I will say that I remain positive that my body mechanics had little impact on my performance; I have been staying shoulders above hips and not muscling the ball with good follow-thru. I will continue to try and figure out the lanes as best as possible. I will not let my personal struggles with the lanes prevent me from trying with 100% of my fiber to help the team win as much as we can. that is the very least I can do. I owe it to everyone else on the team to try and maintain my composure and lead by example which I did not do a very good job of last week.

Regarding Karl and me:

  • (212) Karl-159-190-226=575 (191) -21 New average is 210
  • (212) Awe-123-169-168=460 (153) -59 New average is 208

You can check out more about our league and how each team and/or bowler is doing by following the link below:

Independent Merchants

More to come…

Peace be with you!

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