The 1st day of the rest of my life…

(Written last week and only just revised and released now)

That expression (the title of this blog entry) hasn’t really had special meaning for me until today (technically tomorrow). At least from an employment standpoint. Today is the last day I will work for another mega-company. I become an entrepreneur with all of its ups and downs, effectively as soon as I leave for the day today at 2:30-ish.

I have a couple of great projects in the works that I will be pursuing; the first being voice-over acting and the second is yet to be announced. I will also get the opportunity to indulge my artistic endeavors that I have shelved for the last couple (almost 3) decades. I grew up taking every art class that was available to me and once I finished with high-school I enrolled at the Art Instructions School. Though I did not complete my courses due to life landing squarely on my lap I never forgot what I was really passionate about as I was a young lad.

Also, since having a blog I have discovered a real interest in writing. Not that I am very good (yet) but I like the medium and am looking forward to sitting down for some serious time to crank out some fiction that has been niggling around in the head for the past year or so.

With that said, I will get this out there. Send your good thoughts so that I might get to work in this new and exciting field sooner rather than later.

Peace be with you!

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1 Response to The 1st day of the rest of my life…

  1. Anna says:

    Good luck. Waiting for my chance to say that I am the mother of the famous author and artist. Love ya, Mom


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