Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 14 End of 2nd Quarter

  • (2)(15)(160) Mr. Pink-192-167-170=529 (176) +16
  • (-)(5)(150) Terri-124-140-123=387 (129) -21
  • (5)(24)(161) Zilla-222-117-162=501 (167) +6
  • (14)(20)(175) Toad-184-138-196=518 (172) -3
  • (19)(20)(208) Awe-222-181-163=566 (188) -20

As a team we took 24 out of 35. This was a great night for points, unfortunately not enough of them for us to advance beyond the 5th place we came into the night with.

In terms of the lane conditions and how it has been effecting those of us with big hooks, it has still been inconsistent and not allowing for any real chance at having a good series. The reason for this is the oil pattern used and how much oil on the lanes determines how your ball rolls and has everything to do with closing frames (getting a mark/strike/spare).

Once again the night was greatly disappointing and my average continues to spiral downward.

The night wasn’t all bad; Tommy and Ruben both were able to do better than average for the night. Terri and Toad unfortunately followed me down the rabbit hole of not making average for the night. Even though Toad did not make average for the night he did manage to take all three of his points.

Independent Merchants

More to come.

Peace be with you!

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