Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 15

  • (2)(17)(161) Mr. Pink-132-142-166=440 (146) -14
  • (-)(27)(137) Lenny-163-169-145=477 (159) +22
  • (5)(26)(162) Zilla-162-191-158=511 (170) +8
  • (15)(22)(175) Toad-173-181-209=563 (187) +12
  • (21)(22)(206) Awe-155-200-268=623 (207) +1

I know it isn’t very dignified to complain…but I am going to make an exception in this case.

Once again the lanes were really crappy despite getting a 268 the last game. In my opinion, it should take 2 full games to find a line or wait for one to be made from the carry-down oil. also I don’t think a person shouldn’t have to buy new equipment to adjust to the lanes. I am going to wax loud and cranky for a moment here; I am really upset at the way the bowling alley has seen fit to make changes to the oil in such a way as to lower the averages of the bowlers that roll a big hook or throw from the outside-in.

you may ask yourself why would a bowling house do this? I was curious too so I decided to ask the person working the front desk who was more than happy to share with me that too many big games and the highest ever series were rolled (879) and that the lane conditions needed to be changed to curb that. He said the oil pattern was called “main-street”  and showed me a picture of what it looked like. He then went further and said that all the oil on the lanes were increased. The outside oil went from a “2” to a “4 or 5” and some of the other areas on the inside of the lane went from “3’s” to “4’s”. What that all means was that the shots that went from one side of the lane to the outside and back into the pocket were less able to grab the lane and drive back into the pocket. In some cases (I wont name names (me)) the bowling ball actually rolled off into the gutter because there was so much oil on the lane.

All that aside, the lanes have been very challenging for me to really feel very good about the way I have been bowling or contributing to the team efforts.

Now on the good stuff…

As a team we took 24.5 out of 35 to start this quarter. As a team we were +29 over average. These are both good things.

Mr. Pink struggled the first two games but was able to make average his last game. He also managed to improve each game and took 2 out of 3 individual points.

Lenny continued his dominant ways and was +22 per game. The odd thing was that he was only able to take 1 of his individual points as the person he was bowling managed to step up and make Lenny work for his only point for the night.

‘Zilla had a really good night and only slid on the 3rd game by a few pins.  He also managed to take 2 of his 3 individual points.

Toad had a really solid night. He started just shy of his average the first game by two pins and then stepped up his game the next two to end the night at +12 per game. He also took 2.5 individual points for the night.

I started off with a 155, which by the way is 56 pins under average, and swore at about every shot I through. I started to get into the swing of things the second game and rolled a 200 and because of my 3 pins handicap was able to take the second game by 2 pins. The last game I was able to find a line that worked and rolled a 268. I was able to pull off 2 out of 3 individual points for the night.

I am not entirely hopeful for the upcoming weeks of bowling with the conditions the way they are but I will try to do the best I can for the team.

Independent Merchants

More to come…

Peace be with you!

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