Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 26

  • (156) Mr. Pink-149-127-159=435 (145) -11
  • (142) Lenny-170-177-129=476 (158) +16
  • (160) Ruben-154-196-161=511 (170) +10
  • (172) Toad-174-182-175=531 (177) +5
  • (199) Awe-160-245-212=617 (205) +6

We spit with the other team tonight 17 (us), 18 (them). No to bad. We missed the overall total pin count by 13 pins. A little frustrating to get so close to the overall pin count but not a bad night at all.

As a team we were +26 over average with 4 of 5 of us making average. Mr. Pink struggled a little more than the rest of us. I have a feeling he will be back on top of his game next week.

Lenny and ‘Zilla were +16 and +10 pins over average respectively and were the boss leaders for the night.

Toad and I were +5 and +6 respectively.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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