Welcome Greenleaf Enterprises LLC!

Late last week my business website went live! I couldn’t be more excited, proud, nervous and excited. See what I did there? I am that excited.

The business is a blending of two elements; web media (the stuff I have been doing for many years), and voice talent (the stuff I am interesting in learning and growing in for years to come).

For the last 3+ months I have been researching and implementing all the services, utilities, hardware, software, costs and time investments it took to get this off the ground. Let me just say, starting a business takes a lot of work and patience (something that I don’t have a ton of). With the assistance of a former colleague (and friend) who did virtually all the HTML for the website plus various other researching projects and the constant support of my awesome (and infinitely patient) wife, I am now proud to introduce you to my new website and business.

You can get to it here: Greenleaf Enterprises LLC

There are still a few elements I am working on to get rid of the last few bugs but for the very large part, the site is finished and I can start working again.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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