SWEEPS!!! Independent Merchants Fall 2013 Season Over

Hello everybody. Last night we bowled our final game for the Fall 2013-2014 Independent Merchants league. It is with mixed emotions that I write this entry; on the one-hand, when the bowling season ends that signifies the start of spring and spring like activities like fishing and disc gold. On the other hand it signifies saying goodbye to all of our fellow bowlers, the people we have  been bowling with for more than a dozen years.

This coming year, my team will be finding a new house to bowl at. You see, there were some rather serious mistakes made by various bodies charged with maintaining our lanes etc…and they stumbled a bit on the job. Without getting into finger-pointing and hard feeling I will say that because of that the only way we can let the league know we are unsatisfied with them is to take our bowling dollars elsewhere. So starting next month we will be looking at some other establishments for Monday night bowling.

Enough about that stuff and onto the scores for the night. Or rather let me explain what last night entailed on a larger scope. The teams that took first in any of the four quarters squared off against one another to determine the winner on the entire league. This pretty much is just bragging rights, but what bragging rights! In addition to that everyone in the league, including the four top-place teams are bowling sweeps. Sweeps is a mini tournament for money.

Each week a certain amount of the money we pay in our dues is allocated to a prize fund for payouts at the end of the league. In addition some amount of money is allocated to individual awards for high handicap series. In addition to this each person in the league can then sign up with as many people as they want to enter into the doubles category. It costs you a dollar plus a dollar from the person you are signing up with to enter. I signed up with about 30-35 people plus a $5 pot.

The ceiling for determining handicap is 220, so a person with a 201 average (me in this case) would get 220-201=19 pins per game or 3×19=57 pins added to their total scratch series score for a final total. You then add that score to each person you signed up with for your doubles score. Scores of 1500+ are not unheard of and this year will be no exception.

On to the scores. I will also be adding in handicap so the scores will be higher than normal.

  • (155) Mr. Pink 172-163-158=493+195 (220-155=65×3)=688
  • (144) Lenny 154-129-159=442+228 (220-144=76×3)=670
  • (161) ‘Zilla 157-191-160=508+177 (220-157=59×3)=685
  • (172) Toad 191-208-170=569+144 (220-172=48×3)=713
  • (201) Awe 206-247-245=698+ (220-201=19×3)=755

I am not sure how many places will be paid out. But based on that, how many entries there were plus how many people did well will determine where the floor is for making money. I figure around the 700 mark is a fair line for that but that is only a guess. Often it is one of the guys you don’t think about winning because they aren’t the 200+ bowlers which is a big mistake. Something about Uma Thurman.

I might make a follow-up post on this to say how many times I placed in the money, not how much money I won but how many spots I placed with. As I mentioned earlier I signed up with about 30-35 and I know about 5 people who all shot over 700. I might just forget about it if I think it is in bad taste. Must think on this.

Peace to you all!

More to come…




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