NBA Basketball Fan in the House

Yesterday Sunday was an excellent day; first off it was Easter and although it doesn’t really hold much in the way of enlightenment or religious benefit for me, I do have nieces and nephews who are at an age that are really into some of the more egg prep, seek and candy eat stages of their young lives. Additionally it was my sister-in-laws birthday and her and her family were visiting so we were able to see them (the first time since Christmas) and enjoy the limited time we had with them.

It was also a really nice day because it was my sister-in-laws birthday so we were able to celebrate that occasion with her (her family). It was really cute because her cake was actually a rice crispy treat molded into the shape of a lamb (courtesy of a cast iron lamb mold) with 4 candles on top of it.

Finally it culminated in a doozy of a basketball game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the hosting Houston Rockets. Both ended the season with the same record 53-29 with Houston getting the better of Portland during the season so have (had) home court advantage.

Portland did go on to win it 122-120 in overtime. Some people will argue that and the NBA league did acknowledge it did mess up on a foul late in the game that went against Dwight Howard instead of Joel Freeland, which had it been made the other way could have altered the ending of the game in favor for Houston. I would argue the calls the refs did not catch like the no-call on Dwight Howard where he slammed his balled fist into Portland Center R0-Lo’s (Robin Lopez) stomach. Or the call that went against LaMarcus Aldridge where there was no contact whatsoever and who would later foul out.

My point is, that refs are human and make mistakes, some for and some against your favorite team. All the refs can do is try to make the right call each and every time. Which I am sure they try to do. What I am not a fan of is make-up calls which are made on the flimsiest of evidence (often incidental contact) to make up for a call that should have not been made going the other way. Furthermore I will say that I do not envy the job of the refs and appreciate the work that they do even if sometimes upon replay a call turns out not to be correct. It is a tough and often a thankless job.

Finally I am looking for the next game in this series more than just about any other as these teams are matching up well and I am excited to see who steps up in the next game to be played in Portland this Wednesday. I think it may be Harden (The Beard) as he had a sub-par game Sunday night. I also look forward to Batum to breakout a little more and spread the points around.

Good luck to both teams! (and the refs)

Peace be with you!

More to come…


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