Health Update Part III

In recent months I have cut way down on the things that I post and in the past weeks have narrowed that down event further to just the most important thing in my life. Currently that is my health. As I have mentioned I have had sciatica for the last 8-9 years and have just been dealing with it. You see, after about 12-18 months of lots of pain and physical therapy, my pain went away and was replaced by a stripe of numb that went down the back of my leg starting on my right gluteus and followed behind my knee, my Achilles tendon and settled in the right part of my foot.

After experiencing adverse and painful symptoms in my left leg and foot last year, I decided to go in and have things looked at. After seeing the extent of the damage done the doctors decided on a cautious approach and offered a steroid shot in the spine region to numb the offending nerves to stop the pain so I could go through some physical therapy. The pain did go away for about a year. When I went into see my neurosurgeon he suggested surgery. In the same breath he also mentioned that he was leaving to join another practice in another state and would not be able to do the surgery himself.

Fast forward three neurosurgeons, a CT Scan and a nerve conduction test later and we have arrived at the same place as before, surgery is in my cards…and this time my neurosurgeon is sticking around for it this time. A few tests more and surgery will be scheduled for the early or mid-part of June. 4-6 weeks of more physical therapy afterwards and I should be as good as new. The good doc has also mentioned that I will have to lose some weight and build up my core strength to help prolong another surgery.

So if you see me and it looks like I have gone through a mid-life crisis because I have lost weight and am back to a respectable weight and got a little swag back in my step, it is because the surgery and physical therapy has gone well and I am on my way to a better future physically. That is what I am trying to be optimistic about.

I will keep you posted. With a little effort on my part I will be posting more often and not always about my health.

Peace be with you!

More to come…




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1 Response to Health Update Part III

  1. Tommy says:


    As I mention in your previous post, I am here. Call me if you need ANYTHING. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Take care my friend,


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