Surgery is scheduled…at last.

It seems like things are finally locked down for surgery (later this month or sooner if there is a cancellation) that I will be having to correct, or (at the very least) alleviate, the problems I have been having with my back for over the better part of the last decade. Currently I have six bulging discs and of them, two are apparently herniated and need to be fixed. The fix will likely come in the form of “trimming” back the part of the disc that is bulging out and putting pressure on the nerves (sciatica). The scar tissue from this procedure is usually enough to keep the disc from bulging again but it is not a guarantee however so more rigid control over my activities and a lot more exercise is in my future to prevent or at least stave off any more issues for as long as possible. See look at that, I am already exercising with that last run-on sentence. Boo-ya! I still got it! Shut-up Ralph, you never had it! Bonus points for who can correctly identify who I am talking about.

I am a little nervous but not as much as you may think about the procedure. The surgeon is a very meticulous doc and has me run through a barrage of tests and procedures to accurately give detailed information on what is really going on with me, how my heart is, am I a bleeder and so forth.

I have had back surgery before 27 years ago and since that time have had four others, although not as serious. I am really just looking forward to getting it done so I can move on and start to heal. With nerve damage there is no telling how much, if any of it, can or will heal based on the trauma already sustained. All I can do is be excited about forward progress of stay positive.

For all of you that have given me well wishes and offered help and good thoughts and the like, I want to say THANK YOU from the very core of my being. It is nice to hear from you and know that you care. (Now I am going to get  a little mushy here) Often enough we don’t say what or how we feel to the people we care about. We use excuses like, “They know how I feel” and “I have said it before” or some other expression we have all used to hide our true feeling for those we care about because for some reason we have by and large as a society learned to hide our feeling from those we care most about.

Let me start a change right now (for myself for I feel I haven’t often enough said how I truly feel); I want all my friends to know that I love all of you and am deeply touched and honored to know that so many of you have been in touch offering help and support. I could not ask for better friends!

Peace be with you all!

More to come…

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4 Responses to Surgery is scheduled…at last.

  1. Tommy says:

    James, good luck on your upcoming surgery. When you know the day could you send me a text. If you need anything just let me know. Maybe a copy of “Happy Days” to watch while you are healing.

    Take care my friend,



    • Thanks Tommy! My surgery is scheduled for the 17th, a week from tomorrow. There was a possibility that I go in earlier but it looks like that will be the date. If you have any of the Hobbit movies or anything animated that would be awesome. Jess will work from home for the first week (at least) to make sure everything is as it should be with me. After that I will largely be on my own again. Although I did grow up watching Happy Days I think I will pass on that one. 🙂


  2. Tommy says:

    Well the Happy Days reference was to your Ralph comment. It was Richie Cunningham saying to Ralph Malph, at least that what I though it was from. And you have a Blu Ray player correct? Would you like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy? I also just got the New Robotcop too. Elysium, X-men First class, Pacific Rim and My Neighbor Totoro just to name a few.



    • Ha! I totally forgot the reference I placed in the post. You are correct sir. You win! Actually we do not have a Blu Ray player, just a standard DVD player.

      Soon, DVD’s will be as dead as the VHS tape. 🙂 Got anything still on DVD?


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