Vacation – Day 2

Today we didn’t get up early as we might otherwise do because we were recovering from our previous day of travel…plus the few drinks we had to wind down with after we finally made it to our condo.

As an aside, I must say that I love Costco. So convenient and strategically placed right next to the airport/car rental place. We loaded up on a few essentials we knew we would likely have each day for snacks and alcohol.

Back to our original story – once we were mobile, after our morning coffee and breakfast, we headed to the local store for things you don’t want to buy in the Costco size containers, like mayo. After that quick outing all four of us loaded into our jeep and started driving. We ultimately decided on the ‘Iao Valley. This was a great trip and with lots of literature on the battles fought over ruler-ship of the islands from the 1780’s to the 1790’s when Kamehameha 1 started his island by island assertion of his dominion over all the islands.

The ‘Iao Needle was used by native lookout-warriors to inform the locals of incoming peoples such as hostile invading forces. The Needle stands about 1250 feet tall and was perfect for viewing all incoming activity.

As well as the monumental natural rocky beauty there is various plant and animals worth mentioning. I will be posting pictures of these once I get home and can access my pics. I do want to bring attention to a couple of beautiful specimens that I snapped pics of. A couple of great spiders and a small lizard of some kind.

We ate lunch at ‘Da Kitchen. I plate lunch place that sells tons of Moko variety plus the original Loco Moko. It was a nice place to eat but we will continue for the perfect eatery. The search continues! We came home around late afternoon and sat around the table, played cribbage, had a few drinks and enjoyed each others companionship.

That’s it for now.

Peace be with you!

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