It’s all about the audio books!

Running really behind on all my posts for a while now. Things have been rather hectic. Now that both of the audio books I have been working on have either been sent to the author for initial or final reviews I have a little time to talk about them.

The next book with me doing narration on is the first in a trilogy and is called The Shylmahn Migration, written by David Beshears. (Greybeard Publishing) First of all, this is a great read and I was very lucky to have been chosen to do the work on this book. It is contemporary sci-fi and has you rooting for the humans like there is no tomorrow…because there wont be one. Not that that was a spoiler, I was trying to be artsy fartsy with my word usage and I think I failed. Not like I rolled a 1 or anything on that epic scale but failed none the less.

The other great book, also part of a trilogy, is entitled Seeds Across the Sky – Lodestone Book 4 – written by Mark Whiteway. This is also a sci-fi based book and is set in the future. Another great read and a book I have been honored to do narration on. I think I really started to hit my stride, as they say, with this book and feel really comfortable with my narrations, tempo, editing and timing. What a ride!

Both of these books are part of trilogies and I should be starting work on the second books in book in the very near future. Afterwards I think I am going to diversify and see what other opportunities are out there for a narrator/voice actor like myself.

Ultimately I would like to build up a clientele base that would have work coming to me or more specifically Greenleaf Enterprises LLC so I don’t have to scramble so much for the next job but for now I am content with how things are going.

If you have any insight on something specific to this line of work or something else you have on your mind and you want to talk about or just want to share your experiences with me or everybody else please feel free to comment. I do love reading them and replying. It makes me feel a little less isolated in the grand scheme of the multiverse/internets/interwebs. Whatever! You get the idea.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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