Independent Merchants – 2014-2015 – Wk. 22

The Wrecking Crew

  • (164) Mr. Pink-{248}-{201}-{185}=634 {211} +47
  • (157) Lenny-{172}-{131}-{133}=436 {145} -12
  • (163) Ruben-{135}-{126}-{155}=416{138} -25
  • (179) Tod-{184}-{199}-{209}=592 {197} +18
  • (213) James-{194}-{166}-{209}=569 {189} -24

Bold indicates individual point won. Italics indicate poker hand won.

As a team we took 15 out of 35 points and as a team we were 14 for the night.

This was an interesting night as 3 of the team performed well below averages and the other 2 were well above it for the night. It was because of the efforts of Mr. Pink and Tod that we did as well as we did.

First off I would like to point out that not only did Tod take all three of his individual points, but he also increased his scores game after game. Not always the easiest thing to do. He ended at +18 per game for the night. That is awesome!

I would now like to take some time and address a rather special moment for Mr. Pink. Not only did he also take all three of his individual points but he achieved two personal records this night of bowling; he rolled his highest ever score with his 1st game at 248 and also achieved his highest ever series at 634. He ended the night at +47 per game for the night. That is truly AWESOME!

On a personal note, I am very proud to have witnessed not only both of these fine gentleman’s bowling performances but to also bear witness to Mr. Pink attaining the achievements he did with best game and best series EVER! Fantastic job gentleman.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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