The Shylmahn Migration – COMPLETE!

The Shylmahn Migration - Book 1Back in October I posted about the next two books I was narrating for on ACX. That post can be viewed by clicking here –

I am very pleased to say that the first of those two books is now available on Audible. Without reading that post I will give you the heads-up about the status of The Shylmahn Migration; it is COMPLETE and available either through Greybeard Publishing which is available in many forms, soon to include a link to purchase the audiobook or you can go to Audible directly and listen to the teaser. If you like that then maybe you will help support me in my dream of being a full-time voice actor and purchase a copy. Here is the direct link to The Shylmahn Migration on Audible.

On a personal note, I would like to say that David Beshears is a fantastic author for a number of reasons; the first is that he can write a hell of a good story with compelling and strong characters. The second is that during the editing process of the book after my initial recording he went through every second of the book (a couple time for sure) and took notes on every aspect that needed my attention on re-works. Sometimes my read was not what he envisioned as part or it wasn’t what he wanted to convey as a affectation of a character that set the tone for them in the later books. I guess that makes him a director as well as an author.

I am deeply honored and privileged to have worked with him on this first book and am excited to be working on the second book in the trilogy – The Occupation.


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2 Responses to The Shylmahn Migration – COMPLETE!

  1. Anna Nutt says:

    I listened to your short of this, very good and the narrating was extremely good. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks, Anna


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