Struggling with getting in touch with the Darkness

Trying to focus on things that matter
Sometimes hiding behind a mask of laughter
Don’t hide behind the falseness of rumor
Don’t hide behind a mask of humor

Broken voices going ’round inside my head
Seeking escape but finding paths that are dead
They try to take voice, a syllable at a time
They scare me, just a little, these voices of mine

Changing the moments one dream at a time
Changing the fragments to let them shine
A constant battle waging war for control
Maintaining my sanity seems the only goal

To come out ahead is really unlikely
Don’t say hurtful words just to spite me
Can’t we be friends all things considered
Don’t want to grow old, frail and embittered

The need to continue on is strong within
Even though I fight not to commit sin
My demons take hold and the battle begins
This may be a fight I cannot win

I will put on a brave face
For those around to see
But its all a lie
I am the demon and the demon is me

Peace to you all.

More to come…

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9 Responses to Struggling with getting in touch with the Darkness

  1. Tom says:

    wow… that was a really good poem.


  2. Anna Nutt says:

    Really impressive, I enjoyed it very much, thanks.


  3. we’ll have this dark part inside of us, waiting to break out.


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