Independent Merchants – 2014-2015 – Wk. 28 – Final Week of regular season bowling

The Wrecking Crew

  • (166) Mr. Pink-{149}-{151}-{204}=504 {168} +2
  • (158) Lenny-{150}-{159}-{169}=478 {159} +1
  • (163) Ruben-{111}-{184}-{138}=433 {144} -19
  • (180) Tod-{156}-{218}-{192}=566 {188} +8
  • (213) James-{176}-{207}-{201}=584 {194} -19

Bold indicates individual point won. Italics indicate poker hand won. I may have got the second card game winner wrong. I just don’t remember.

As a team we took 5 out of 35 points and as a team we were -27 for the night.

This brings to a close the end of the regular season…and with it maybe some better bowling now that the pressure is off. But is it really? That’s a big NO! In fact next week (Sweeps) is also the night we get to play for league champions since we took 1st in the 1st quarter. To keep everything in perspective the game remains the same – strike, spare, most pin count. Nothing ever changes about that. I try to instill that no matter what else is going on with your opponents, all you have to worry about is your own bowling. It isn’t like you are trying to prevent your opponent from scoring with your awesome defense. No – this is bowling gawdammit! The person(s) that are able to figure the lane conditions out the best and convert the most pins wins – SIMPLE!

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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