Well Needed R & R

This past Friday a buddy of mine and I decided to shoot a round of disc-golf. I think that I had only played once this year and my friend hadn’t been since my bachelor party – 6 years ago!

We met at my place in North Portland and walked over to Pier Park, one of the best disc-golf courses in Portland – in my humble opinion. The weather was cool and slightly overcast with a possibility of thunder storms later in the day. So basically it was perfect.

Our walk over was pleasant enough and we talked about a new game of 5th edition dungeons and dragons we had recently started after our epic 4-year campaign of 4th edition ended having obtained 30th level!

Once at Pier Park, we stretched, used the rest room and made ready to take our turn behind another couple of guys who were busy chatting and almost looked like they were waiting for a third to show up. They said we could go ahead, so we did.

The day was as great with lots of other people tapping into the same the same data-banks to retrieve the idea of shooting a round. Along the way we were almost clubbed by a rogue disc and started a conversation with several pairs of people we were allowing to play through. One pair really liked my buddy’s hat he was wearing and that started of a 10-15 minute conversation. It was really very cool and reinforces my ideas that we are all basically good and enjoy similar things.

I leave you with these lovely picture20150814_112315[1]s of some of our course.

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