So much fun – So close to home

It was a great start - until I was ganged up on and scragged!

It was a great start – until I was ganged up on and scragged!

Last week(end) I celebrated my 46th birthday and because it fell on a Saturday, I decided to take some liberties and do stuff all weekend that I wanted to do. It started off by playing some magic the gathering on Friday night (where I think I won only one game). Followed by brunch on Saturday late morning, then over to a friends house where we planned out some disc golf at a course called Lunch-time. The course is located at a church and their surrounding parking lot and can be played in roughly the time it takers to have lunch. For dinner I went out to one of my two favorite restaurants ~ The Takahashi.

The Takahashi

The Takahashi

Sunday was the Portland Marathon. My wife plays in an awesome band ~ The Power Pep Band ~ and they played 3 sets for the runners as they came by the 20th mile, where we were located at. Another thing I love about the Portland Marathon is that one of the people in the band and whose house the band plays at puts on a waffle-feed. They make home-made waffles with whip cream and strawberries and/or blueberries, breakfast casserole, little sausages, coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice.

After the gig we went over to my parents-in-laws home to make sure everything was as it should be as they are out of town on a grand cross-country trip to visit family. Having spent a couple hours at their place and making sure everything was okay and having Papa Murphy’s for dinner, we decided to head home.

It was a really great weekend for so many reasons but mostly because I was able to spend it with my wife and many friends.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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