A week at the Oregon Coast!

Earlier this month, my wife and I took off and spent eight days at the Oregon Coast; Seaside to be specific. It was a fantastic time. The weather was more cooperative than you could imagine for nearly the entire time, getting to and above 60 degrees several times. We only had really typical cloudy, rainy weather a couple days.

Often our early mornings were spent with me writing and then later discussing my writing with my wife, having her give me a different perspective and a very logical one. This helped me keep things straight in my head. Not like I didn’t have to start my writing over at least once, but with her feedback, some of the things I am writing may even make sense.

We also had some friends over for our last weekend there. It was nice to be able to relax and not worry about too much…for a little while any way.

Not much more to say that I am thankful my wife has the presence of mind to take time to just get away for a little while with me in tow. This was a really enjoyable trip.

Here is a a slide show of some of the pics I took, from our trip. To give some explanation of some of the sites – there is a Custard King in Astoria that my sister asked about from her time at Job Corps 30+ years ago. There is a beer sampler and list of the beers we tried with our lunch – the beers are in order starting from the upper left most in the pic that coincides with the Fort George Regulars that are always on top. The rest are mostly beautiful pics of Seaside and Indian Beach near Ecola State Park.



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