Axl Remembered



Last week was tough for my wife and me; we had to say goodbye to our cat Axl. He started showing signs of renal failure a couple weeks ago. As it reached a point that he was no longer ambulatory, we made the decision to have him euthanized.

As all pet owners know, death is a certainty that will have to be faced one day. We always hope that it is a long way off and when it does come you hope that it is quick and painless. Those elements don’t always go together but we hope they do. The longer a pet lives, the closer our bonds become with them, the more they become a part of the family, and all the more painful when we lose them.

I am ready to work - Are you?

I am ready to work – Are you?

As I enter my office to write this post, I am reminded just how much I will miss Axl, not because of his super-cool-awesome-catness, but because he did try his utmost to not let me get any work accomplished. Honestly, after Manu passed 28 months ago, Axl really bonded with me. Like I was a replacement Manu. Manu for the record was his litter-mate and they had been together always (approx. 15 years). sharing everything.

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

There was no such thing as too little a space. Just squeeze a little.

I remember the times at night, like clockwork, Manu would chase Axl through the hallways between the hours of 11 and 11:30. It was the funniest thing to listen to as we have wood floors and no carpets, the cats would try their hardest to gain traction and move forward but they would do the car equivalent of burning rubber when their hind legs would move but they didn’t really didn’t get anywhere at first. Also, when they finally did get to running they would often collide with the door to the t.v. room because they couldn’t make tight turns as they might if they were on carpet.


Axl patiently waiting for soft cat food

Axl patiently waiting for soft cat food

I will miss Axl’s early morning scratching on our door signifying he wanted soft cat food (I would sprinkle it with glucosamine and chondroitin powder to help with his old cat joints). I will also miss his meow when he greeted me when I did finally manage to get out of bed for said feeding, although it was really to take a shower, he made sure it was all about him.

Where did my head go?

Where did my head go?



I will miss his playful antics and obsession with what I can only imagine was string on the underside of our big purple chair for he would get his head fully underneath to chew on said offending string only to have it look like he he had no head.

I will miss his regal self-importance. I will miss his bizarre need to get into the bathtub to drink water.

Now what's in here do you suppose?

Now what’s in here do you suppose?

I will always remember how he could relax ANY and EVERY where he saw fit. His totally relaxing while I rubbed his belly, or any time really and they way he really looked at me like we understood each other. I guess in a way we did. We had our routines and I will miss him terribly. You are my favorite orange kitty!

Lord Axl presiding!

Lord Axl presiding!

Peace be with you!

More to come…


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