Doing the thing you ought when time allows

Tonight, as my wife and I were watching Americas Next Top Model (yes I watch the show with my wife – what of it?) when an episode came up that dealt with the last four contestant’s mothers coming on the show and taking a part in their child’s photo-shoot. This got me thinking about when each of the models got so emotional when getting the chance to see their parents, let alone work with them. I admit I got a little misty eyed. I am actually a sensitive guy, just ask me.

One of the things I regret, and not that I am going to lament too much on it, is not having my mom listen to any of the audio-books that I had completed while she was still with us. As the voice over (VO) talent on any book I work on through ACX (these books are posted to Audible for sale) I get 25 free download links I can give out to people. This is usually to help promote the audio-book in the way of having your friends write nice reviews of the good work you have done. I never did send my mom a link to have her listen to any of the books I finished. I do regret that now. I guess a part of me was embarrassed to have her here what I was doing and not like it. Can anyone relate to that?

So, in breaking with my old habits, I will be giving out a bunch of free download links to those people that want (or think they can endure) to listen to me for nine or more hours tell a story. This will be an offer with (almost) no strings attached. I would appreciate it if you go to Audible and leave a review (good or bad) expressing your thoughts on the story and the VO work I did. This is something I am not altogether comfortable with doing but if this is really the career path I have chosen to take to make a living at, I need to be able to have people leave critiques for me so that I can get better.

I suppose I will simply leave a link – James Nutt narrated books on Audible – to my Audible page where you can listen to a five-minute segment of any of the six books I have competed. You can then send me a message asking for a link to any book that I have completed and I will hook-you-up! Again, I would appreciate some honest feedback either to me directly or if you think this would be beneficial to my positive sales growth and people should hear these stories, then by all means, write an awesome review for me on Audible and maybe other people will read your review and decide to spend some shiny rocks on my book. I will therefor  get some of those shiny rocks also.

I guess the long and the short of this message is, to do what you can when you can since you may not get the opportunity to do so later. As a people we should tell the people that we care about that we love them more often, be nicer to those less fortunate then ourselves and be supportive of those around us.

To all of my friends and those that read this blog let me say this – “I love you all”, including those I have not met. Your signing up to follow my blog has really had a big impact on my life. My ability to connect with people and express myself have matured since I started writing this blog as well as given me an opportunity to share my thoughts with people that I might not otherwise get to see or talk with in person all that often. I also have a greater sense of self-sureness that I don’t think I had before this blog.

Also, I would like to thank each of the authors of these books (Ty Schwamberger, Christopher Gray, Matthew Burris, Mark Whiteway and David R. Beshears), for without them, I would have not had this great opportunity to pursue my dream. I am deeply honored.

With that, I will close this post.

Peace be with you!

More to come…




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