Road Trip ~ Day 2


Yesterday morning we switched from the Ramada Inn to the Worldmark resort on the northern part of the lake. We spent much of the day driving around the lake and taking in the local scenery, stopping now and again to eat lunch and take a dip into it’s surprisingly not icy embrace. The lake, which is large by my standards – measuring against the likes of Timothy Lake on Mt. Hood, takes several hours to drive around. Stopping in at Heyburn state park visitor center, we picked up our day use pass and grabbed some literature about the lake, which turns out to actually be five lakes all rolled into one, I guess depending on which bay you’re at. It’s all very confusing and since I wasn’t going to be tested on it, I didn’t commit it to memory. 

We took lunch at Plummers Point within Heyburn State Park. It was recommended to us by the personnel at the visitor center we purchased our day-use pass at. It was quiet, not inundated with tone of people and rather nice for swimming, with a small boat dock and some logs creating a boundary for those wanting to have some splashing-around fun without worry of motorized craft running into you.

After our lunch and swim, we continued our mandering  around the lake(s) stopping in at a few local shops checking out hand-crafted merch. We also definitely took the road less travelled around the lake and saw some amazing natural wonders as well as some wildlife; deer, pheasant hens, a bunny, chipmunks and many avians.

Finally arriving at our resort for the night, we took in our bags, donned our swimwear and once again headed for the lake. I even took a dip this time. The water was bracing and refreshing. There were even small fish hanging around around feet as we malingered in their domain. 

Once out of the lake and were showered, it was time for dinner and decided on Thai for the evenings meal. The restaurant in question was called Thai Bamboo and was located in Coeur d’Alene. So once again we headed back into town. A quick 28 minutes later and we are being seated in a garish red building with rounded eves and a pointed roof. Not anything anyone would miss. The decor was great with bass relief on the walls and a ceiling full of twinkling lights that made you think of stars that alternated colored between pink and blue. 

Back to the resort where we rounded out the evening with a movie – Pitch Perfect 2 and a beer. 

Quote of the day: “Don’t math before coffee” Yes, math was used as a verb! That’s the best part.

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