Road Trip – Days 4-5

For day four of our excursion, we met up with some good friends of ours who were actually the peeps that invited us to go into Canada when this all started last year. They were staying at a campground some 3 hours away so it was a must do for us with them being so close.



The campsites/grounds were much the same as we have in the states with fire pits, places to park your cars and beautiful scenery. One thing I really did appreciate was that you had the choice of paying for unlimited firewood. I was told it was so people wouldn’t bring in their own wood which might be infested with some sort of destructive bug. Also it made it so we didn’t have to scavenge off the ground. Bonus!



While we were at camp Jessica and Kelli went to town for some much needed supplies and on their way they did happen across a black bear, something we have to proof our camp against at night while we camp. A little scary to think about but since I don’t really taste good, being all stringy and tough, I had nothing to worry about or is it aboot?


Once we had arrived at the campsite we set up our tent and unloaded our gear which only included some sleeping bags and some pads with which to keep the stray mother nature from poking me in the back whilst I slept.


The campsite was located along a river, another blue waterway. It was amazing. The night was a spectical and although we had cloud cover and couldn’t really see the stars for most of the night we were treated to a lightning show that lit up the entire night sky and lasted for the better of an hour.  Sadly I have no pictures of the lightning show but I can tell you it was magical as are almost all the experiences in the outdoors.


We stayed up drinking and talking into the dark hours of the night. Once down for the night, sleep came pretty quick, although was later interrupted by a mini wind storm that preceded a night of rain. Glad I put the rain fly over us and the tarp below. 🙂




Yesterday we made our way back to the resort we were staying at in Canmore and were joined by Kelli and Genevieve from among the our friends that invited us on this little excursion. On the drive back we stopped at Lake Moraine. This seemed like an unlikely place to stop but with a giant mound of rocks, who could resist. Oh and plus the water was blue…of course!  BTW, I believe we have found out why all the water has been blue that we have seen so far; it comes from a glacier.



After ariving back at our resort we decided that pizza was in order for the nights’ meal plus a movie. The pizza was grand, all the topping you want. We had a half and half, canadian bacon/pineapple + pepperoni and for the other was something like black and green olives, sausage, onions, feta cheese, banana peppers, salami and tomatoes. Yumm!


The days have been between mid-sixties at higher elevations to low eighties almost everywhere else. The nights have been a little warm for my taste but a quick opening of the window letting in some cool air and night sounds make the sleep that of the dead for me for most of the night.










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