Road Trip ~ Day 6

Our journey today unfolds in the form of a quest; a quest for lunch. We are told that such a thing can be obtained by visiting the great and powerful Calgary (pronounced Cal-gree) whereby all manner of lunches have been reportedly seen in recent times.


Our trek starts out easy enough in our motor coach for the nearly 100 kilometers from our current location at Canmore. The journey was wrought with stories from the old times near as our recolections could manage. Stories of the bizaare, strange and weird were bandied about.


In no time at all we were upon the fabled land of Calgary and soon were leaving our trusty steed for a more appropriate mode of travel for our current mission – our feet. This poor sap was no help at all getting us we where we wanted to go.


As we travelled further and further into the dense and very tall jungle of Calgary, we found ourselves lost and had to ask for help. At first we sought help from a large metallic horse. He wasn’t much help at all. His language was full of metallic screaches and horrific scraping sounds. We left quickly.


After some truly maniacal and devious pieces of crazy artwork we had to cross over, we thankfully came across a large canine whose wisdom we couldn’t have succeeded without. We told him him of our journey for the elusive lunch and he told of our destination and how it was mere blocks away and to get there before the sun shines on the far side of it, whatever that means. We were off. Soon our destination was within sight.


At last we made it to the fabled tower of Calgary where are told that lunch can be obtained within. Before ultimately catching up with our prey, we make our way into its inner sanctum. The view from such was spectacular.


In the end, we did finally manage to secure our quarry. While devouring our repast we were entertained by the lands of Calgary from the magical way-up.




For the rest of the evening, we made our way back to the resort, visited the pool, hot tub and sauna before having a home cooked meal and watching Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

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