Road Trip ~ Day 7

Alas our time in beutiful land known as Canada has grown short and our time has come to quick for us to leave. Today we left Canmore and made our way SW to the lovely town of Osoyoos in British Columbia.


I love these pics. If you can’t over…go through.

Driving time took from between 7.5 and 8.5 hours. Probably the farthest I have ever driven. Not that Jessica didn’t volunteer several times to take the wheel, I just felt like I needed to be able to handle a long day of driving myself. Maybe to prove I could do it I guess. I know, dumb, whatever!


I am pretty sure Canada manufactures rainbow fragments.

Most of the day was spent passing from one mountainous shape on one side with some water feature down below, going through a tunnel or getting rained on. Sometimes all three at a time. It was a little dreary but was still quite scenic and our eyes were not disappointed.


The right-hand side view from our balcony in Osoyoos.

Having made our way into Osoyoos and our hotel room acquired, we decided on dinner, a place called Convivia. It was amazing! They specialize in Italian and French cuisine. It was kind of the perfect topper to a fantastic journey. If you every find yourself in this neck of the woods, stop in for something, you wont regret it.


Left-hand side view from our balcony in Osoyoos.



Our view from our hotel room that we will only be in for one night overlooks a lake, go figure. With so much beauty  contained within it’s borders, it’s so hard to say anything I haven’t already said.  I will sum up with only one word – Spectacular!


Not sure if Canadians believe in ghosts but I think this proves their existence.

One little tid-bit about Osoyoos; as we came in to this city, for MANY kilometers prior to entry, the roadside was littered thick with farms producing fruit of all manner. Apples and grapes were in large evidence. Almost like there was no other place thqat fruit would grow unless it was alongside the roadway. Just an odd thing…to me. Maybe i’m just weird for noticing it.


Who knew that Batman lived in Canada?

And for any of you car/motorcycle buffs out there, here is the closest thing I have seen to the Batmobile in a long time. It was parked in our parking garage. Who knew Batman moved to Canada…I didn’t.


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