Road Trip Conclusion

20160903_1543041This will be short and hopefully not too scattered. But with me you never can tell.

Our road trip concluded with a short stay in Osoyoos (we cut it short by a day), then made our way to Seattle for a short visit with family (made longer by a day).

Overall the road-trip was amazing in so many ways; the landscape (Canada especially) was so different and in your face the way it just rose up and was so close to you was beyond imagining. The water which was glacier fed and ice-blue was simply amazing and a bit unreal looking. Another odd element of the trip I recognized, although I found it quite cool, were the crows. There were tons of them along the roadside everywhere. Not only that, but they were huge, like they had eaten a small moose or herd of elk. Definitely not like anything I have experienced here in Oregon. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oregon and will always call it home (until I become independently wealthy and can retire in Hawai’i) but I have to admit that Canada was pretty amazing. If you ever get the opportunity to visit, you should do so. Not to short-change Idaho in my praise – simply amazing, particularly Coeur d’Alene. Also, the exchange rate for the dollar is really good up there too, so that makes it another ideal place to vacation.

The people in Canada were generally very nice and very fit. It was a little odd but maybe not. I think they just have a different lifestyle..or maybe it is because their alcohol is so damned expensive that no one can afford it…and thus avoid all the calories that come with. 🙂 Also the speed-limit was slower than what you might be accustomed to in the States. Even though it was slower I have to give credit to those locals, they do know how to keep things moving on the freeway. There were only two lanes and unless you wanted to pass another car, actually pass it not just hog the passing lane, they just stayed in their lane or went around. It was all very smooth. Also, almost no one ever went the speed limit. We definitely stood out as not being from around there.

Finally, if you head your way to Canada, make sure you have enough time though to see all the areas you want to. There are just so many rivers and mountains and forests and lakes to see that you might want to plot something out…or not, just rambling around will get you to see some pretty amazing sites too.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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