Yellowstone is in sight! But first – The Tetons – Day 2 (Oct 9th)

Id like to start off by stating that this morning whilst I was adding pictures to the three blog posts I had ready but hadn’t added pics to yet, I accidentally published the 2nd of the posts, putting the first two out of order by a day. If you can move past that inconsistently, I think the rest of the posts are in order and will be to your liking.

A few corrections from my previous days’ post. I believe I made the point that we were traveling through Idaho for much of the day. That was actually not true; we were traveling through Oregon only just getting into Idaho late yesterday. So my comparison about the two states was actually me saying Oregon was much like…Oregon when it was all said and done. Helps to know what you’re talking about when talking about it. My apologies for the inaccuracies.

Today we edge a bit closer to our ultimate destination, Yellowstone National Park. We have crossed thru Idaho and are staying a couple nights in Wyoming after two long days of driving.

For much of the day we were in rolling hills containing lots of farms. Corn was much in evidence as well as greens of some kind, maybe kale. I saw truck-loads of onions but no fields indicating that is where they were being grown. There was also many farms dedicated to just growing hey and alfalfa as hill after hill had bails set neatly in rows waiting to be picked up by the bail collector. It was amazing seeing so much of the freeway scenery being dedicated to agriculture.

Early in our travels today we did see a herd of about maybe a dozen elk right alongside the road. Aside from that herd, we only saw avians; a single bald eagle, many hawks and crows as well as a few magpies.

So, for much of the day we spent alongside the Snake River. It is a slow meandering river as the name would suggest. At one point we stopped in Twin Falls, Idaho to take a break and what better place to do it at than this bridge. The view is spectacular. It stands about 200 feet above the water and has a walking path for a better a view underneath.

During the day as we sometimes do when we have some driving to do, we stopped off for coffee at a local place. We were getting some iced Mexi-mochas. The lady at the counter informed us that the chocolate powder that they use for their Mexi-mochas was not good for iced drinks. All of us sat there thinking about how to make this happen given our limited choices. They suggested Ghiridelli chocolate sauce. We suggested cinnamon syrup and they came up with cayenne powder for some bite. They mixed it all up and it was fantastic!

We continued the drive and stopped off to have lunch at Murtaugh Lake. After lunch we started the last leg of the day by heading to I-84 to I-86 to I-15. Then we went east on 26 through Swan Valley and Palisades, ID and Alpine, WY to Jackson (Hole), WY. We stayed at the Flat Creek Inn, just outside of town.

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