Yellowstone National Park – Day 5 (Oct 12th)

Today was a bit of a busy day, although not the busiest we have planned for thus far, that comes tomorrow. 😉  We officially woke up by the 8-ish o’clock hour and systematically took care of all our needs – breakfast and the like before we walk to the parking lot to see frost on the top of the car and our water-bottles we left in the car…frozen nearly all the way through. Sweet!

Almost every day we were greeted by this handsome fellow and a bevy of beauties in the field just off the road.

We stop off and get gas just to be on the safe side and the day officially begins. We decide to make a shorter day of it partly in preparation for the long day we are going to have tomorrow and partly because I needed some more time in the evenings to write and because I am old.

We make our way past Madison and Norris and head for Canyon Village where we will be visiting the Washburn Hot Springs Overlook and the Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone. It was all about seeing geysers and mud-pools and every other crazy thing along the way we could visit. If we saw a critter we stopped. If we saw an interesting landscape feature…we stopped. It was all about seeing as much as possible.

It is really hard to explain the magnitude of all the impressive scapes we saw. I will let the pictures do the talking for me much more than my prattling on.

One of the first stops we made was at Gibbons Falls. The first pic on this post.

Next we stopped by Beryl Springs (this might have been my favorite pic of the day). The hot spring spouts steam all the time and coats the surrounding trees with the vapor. This is all well and good and during the day you don’t notice anything except maybe wet needles. During this time of year when things freeze at night. You get this effect in the morning before it has a chance to melt off. I imagine during the winter it sticks around all the time but as it isn’t winter…yet, we got to view this during the only time you can, in the morning.

We eventually made our way to Artists Paint Pots – many multi-colored pools as well as a few that spouted mud. It was cold out but we managed the entire circuit around this stop.

Later on we stopped at a nice open field for lunch. No else was around although we were kept company by a rather large and inquisitive crow. He was quite talkative too and edged ever closer whenever we let him.

We continued our trek around South Rim, North Rim, Upper Falls, Lookout Point, Grand View finally ending up at Washburn Hot Springs Overlook.

This is such a great view. One of thousands we have seen.

Peace be with you!
More to come…

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2 Responses to Yellowstone National Park – Day 5 (Oct 12th)

  1. Jon "The Rock" Orleck says:

    Im blown away. This just made the bucket list!


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