Independent Merchants 2016-17

The Wrecking Crew

Week #4 –  18/17 (Points won/lost)

  • (150) Mr. Pink-{124}-{201}-{125}=450 {150} Even
  • (170) Lenny-{146}-{163}-{170}=479 {159} -21
  • (162) Ruben-{176}-{159}-{150}=485 {161} -1
  • (171) Tod-{164}-{191}-{176}=531 {177} +4
  • (198) James-{181}-{172}-{159}=512 {170} -28

Week #5 – 25/10 (Points won/lost)

  • (150) Mr. Pink-{147}-{132}-{138}=417 {139} -11
  • (167) Lenny-{172}-{144}-{143}=459 {153} -14
  • (157) Ruben-{168}-{159}-{156}=483 {161} +4
  • (173) Tod-{137}-{167}-{201}=505 {168} -5
  • (164) Brian-{166}-{201}-{139}=506 {168} +4


Week #6 – 9/26 (Points won/lost)

  • (164) Brian-{171}-{185}-{150}=506 {168} +4
  • (164) Lenny-{100}-{136}-{130}=366 {122} -42
  • (-) Ruben-Absent
  • (172) Tod-{157}-{132}-{166}=455 {151} -21
  • (191) James-{203}-{182}-{200}=585 {195} +4


Week #7 – 16/19 (Points won/lost)

  • (148) Mr. Pink-{213}-{144}-{159}=516 {172} +24
  • (157) Lenny-{148}-{145}-{169}=462 {154} -3
  • (158) Ruben-{129}-{116}-{168}=413 {137} -21
  • (168) Tod-{152}-{174}-{157}=483 {161} -7
  • (192) James-{195}-{258}-{201}=654 {218} +26

My apologies for not getting this out sooner. I have been swamped with many many things (as most of you can understand) and am just now getting to work on this.

As you can see we have been right in the middle of the road winning 68 and losing 72 points in the last 4 weeks. Combined with the first three weeks of bowling we now stand with 112/98 and ties us in 7th place. What does this mean to us going into the 8th and final week of the quarter; it means that we square off against the other team in 7th place in this, the position round, and with some luck we will make it into the top  six teams for some bonus money. I believe the top six teams will get some bonus cash plus money per point won like all teams are getting.

In other news, the lanes seem to be somewhat tacky on the approach. Normally they would allow for a smoother slide but almost every throw has me sticking. This has been mentioned to me by several other bowlers so I know it is real and not just my shoes having some moisture on the souls. I am hoping that because everything is new it is just a matter of time before the approach evens out and allows for a nice even slide. On a side note; last week I stuck so much with my left foot (the foot right-handed bowlers slide with) on one ball that I almost fell forward onto the lane. It was only thanks to my cat-like ninja skills and balance that allowed me to avoid stepping over the foul line and save the ball, which turned out to be a strike.

In general we all have been struggling in the long run although Linus started off on fire has cooled off temporarily. Hoping to see that same fire this week. I feel good about my equipment being all squared away and ready to punish the pins.

I think I will leave it there. I will try to make sure I get this ut in a more timely manner moving forward…no promises however! 😉

Peace be with you!

More to come…


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