Hawai’i 2017

Days 1&2 – Traveling + our 1st day exploring

~Day 1 – To make our 8:15am flight from Portland Oregon, my wife and I decided to stay the night at her parents home so that we could all set out on this adventure together. We woke up at 4:45am  and were out the door at 5:30am, at the airport at 6am and were checked in by 6:30-7am. This was just enough time to have a cup of morning java before boarding began. The flight was really smooth and took only 5.5 hours to arrive in Honolulu. We made great time arriving 20-30 minutes ahead of schedule. Almost there; just one more micro-flight of 30 minutes to get to the “big” island of Hawai’i. An unusually long time (90 minutes) to get our car and we were on our way. Usually we get in and are out of the rental place in 15 minutes. I guess it was our time to have to wait. If all things are being equal, one 90 minute ordeal at a car rental place is not terrible at all.

Before we make it to the resort, we need to get to Costco for some essentials like chips, salsa, dip, lunch meat, bread, beer and booze. Yes, Costco sells liquor in Hawai’i! Boo-ya.
To the resort we go. We arrive to drop off luggage and groceries. This was about sunset. It was amazing. The sun was a huge bright ball of red-orange. It was so amazing.

For our eating experience we decided to start off at Kona Brew Pub. The wait was long but it was worth it. The beers were cold and the wings were spicy. My father-in-law and I shared a pizza to top off our dining experience. My wife and mother-in-law also shared a pizza of their own.

After dinner the sun has fully set and we are ready for bed. The resort is not terribly far away so we manage to make it in 15-20 minutes.

I admit, this first day I was not very much in the Aloha spirit. Too long a day on 4 hours of sleep plus no food until the 2nd hour of the flight, around 10:30am, which had me a little hangry (hungry + angry), although angry is a little harsh. I would say cranky instead but hanky doesn’t have the right connotation as hangry. Maybe it has more flair, who knows?

~ Day 2 – The 1st day waking up in Hawai”i was great. No alarms going off, just a fan above circulation the warm air. In all honesty, it was a bit too warm. Easily fixed, open the window, don’t sleep with all the covers on and no AC. The AC didn’t really do much anyway oddly enough.

We had an activities specialist come down to the resort to go over many of the exciting things to do while visiting. Things like helicoptor rides over the volcano, ziplining, coffee plantation tours as well as whole island tours that take 11-12 hours. As an enticement, they give away some swag for sitting through the presentation and such, usually a raffle for a buy-1, get-1 free deal. In this case all the choices were pretty good. The thing we wanted to do was watch the lava at night so we eagerly anticipated the drawing…and won! We of course chose the evening lava tour and are doing that all day tomorrow.

After our meetings were done for the day, we decided to meet up with my parents-in-law who had been walking through one of the many shopping areas where all sorts of wears were being peddled. They even managed to pose with some parrots. It was now time to grab some local island cuisine.

We headed out to the harbor to try a place that our rep had suggested only to find out that it had been closed. Desperately in need of some local island fare, we spotted another restaurant across the parking lot and decided to try our luck. We all tried different things from fish-n-chips to a chili dog (me). The chili was exceptional. Made with pork instead of beef.

As the day wore on and needing to stretch our legs, we decied to take the advice of our rep once again and take a short hike from where we ate lunch to see some turtles. A short 10 minutes later we were on a nice little beach and low and behold – TURTLES! Most were in the water and you could really only see their shells but one pooped little guy was sunning himself on the beach.

We headed back to the resort for some R&R in the pool and hot tub. After about and hour and a half we finished up with a light dinner and a movie. Yes a movie. It can’t all be fun in the sun. Sometimes it has to be chips, 6-layer dip, beer or cocktail and a movie. The Ghostbusters re-boot for the record.

I have attached a pretty good cross section of how are first couple days were like.



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