Hawai’i 2017

~ Day 7 – Our journey today was to make it back to Hilo – the wet/rainy side of the island, mainly to visit a botanical garden, plus anything else that seemed cool as we were there.

Our trip went smooth and it was nice to see that landscape during the daylights hours again. The lava flows are interesting and seeing all the little micro coffee/fruit lots was amazing. We even managesd to see a few wild goats.

We first stopped off at Rainbow Falls and took some pics. It is nice but extremely touristy with tons of the tour buses in the parking lots. Personally, I thought there were many more places to see less weighed down by tons of tourists. But what do I know, I’m just a tourist!

The botanical garden was on a huge plot of land, something like 40 acres and you walked where you wanted. There were signes in fronts of all the different species of tree or flower that you could scan with your phone and it would play a message talking about the thing in question, but we never did that.

We saw many wonderful and crazy plants/trees of every size, shape and color. They even had a hedge maze that was 100 yards across. Only one way in and one way out. That was awesome. We also discovered to plants whose leaves closed when you brushed them.

All in all it was just an escape to see some varieties of things gathewred in one place.

Here are some pics from today:


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