Port Townsend

Greetings fellow humans. Thought I would reach out and share what, or in this case, where, my wife and I are spending the week. To that point, we are at Port Townsend, Washington. This wasn’t necessarily a random choice but it wasn’t a place I would have chosen to go on my own. Not to say that there is anything wrong with Port Townsend, on the contrary, it is a lovely place like the millions of other places around the world that aren’t Las Vegas, New York, Paris or Hawai’i that are destination places.

We arrived late Saturday afternoon and will depart on the same day next week. So far (the first full day) we have only visited, although briefly, the Olympic National Park. Tomorrow we plan on spending an entire day exploring more of ONP. Should make for a long day but there are so many places to visit that we want to get a jump on it.

After our first day we have also managed to visit a couple cideries, like wineries but for cider. Crazy right? I know. They all served wonderful blends of apples in their many splendors. We purchased a few of the ones that struck our interest and went on our way.

There will be a number of generic descriptions in this post as I am I am not able to remember all the specifics. Seems like that has been happening more and more often. 😉 Can anyone relate?

We are staying at a Worldmark resort that is overlooking Discovery Bay. The resort is a quad-split-level town-house with bedrooms on the top and bottom levels. A pretty neat experience actually. Lots of mini-stairs between levels. The “sound” where we are doesn’t have tons of traffic and is really nice to be overlooking in the rising and setting sun. Truly beautiful. On a side note, geese have been flying over the waterway at night and as they fly by they honk which I thought was an unusual behavior for geese, but what do I know. Bear in mind I am not an expert on geese or their travelling habits…but I digress. The main point of this faux tirade was that during the middle of the night I have been awakened by the aforementioned geese, and as I start to think of some retort worthy of them disturbing my slumber, my eyes are attracted to the only light outside the sliding glass door that is open to our bedroom and see a million stars. Something you would only see in a place where light pollution doesn’t spoil the watch, like most places in Portland. I am going to try and take a picture of them tomorrow morning/late tonight, and share with you. Not sure my Galaxy S7 will be able to do the image justice. We’ll see.

I think I will close with that brief overview of the things that have transpired so far.

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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