I say farewell…

To my beloved dog Undie, truly the best dog ever. Sadly, I must express that the Underdog passed away Monday the 2nd. He was in his dog bed with Jessica at his side when he died. It was sudden and unexpected and was not in any pain.

I know that everyone says that their own pets are “fill in the blanks” and I believe that to be true. I think there is something about a dog that is so selfless that it’s hard not to think of them as the ultimate in animal companionship.

Undie was a rescue dog whose previous owners did not take care of him very well. He had to overcome so much before he could trust and allowed to be the great dog he always was. The question I ask is “Did my wife really rescue him or did he rescue those that come to know and love him?” I like to think of it as the latter.

While figuring out Undie’s quirks over the years I found that I had grown to love him. No mean feat considering I grew up with cats as a child and after my own cat passed when I was 25 decided not to own another pet. It was just too painful when they passed away… or so I thought. I realized that the pain we feel or rather I felt at their passing was all the love I had for the animal expressing itself. Fortunately my wife had three pets when we met; two cats and a dog (Manu and Axle and Undie). It was either get on board in accepting them as part of the family or hit the road. 12 years later…i’m pretty sure I made the right choice.

So with the passing of Undie, he joins his other house mates Manu and Axle as well as two members of Dog-Nation, Lily and Ruby. They were all so special. It will be hard to move forward but as life moves forward, so will I in the pain I feel so keenly at Undie’s passing.

My wife Jessica put it very simply, “Undie taught you how to love dogs.” Truer words were never spoken.

I apologize if this posting isn’t very coherent or follows a reasonable thought process. I still am struggling with him not being here, following me into every room where he would lay down in his dog bed while I worked or watched t.v.

Here are some of the things I will miss about you Undie:

  1. Our daily walks around the block where you peed 57 seven times and smelled everything in site.
  2. Your absolutely perfect “Good-dog” behavior when waiting for a treat.
  3. Your dog smile – c’mon people, if ever you owned a dog, you know what I am talking about.
  4. The way you “snuck” onto the couch when we left a room or how you greeted us when we came back from a quick trip out knowing that you had been on the couch the entire time we were gone.
  5. The way you belly-crawled onto our sleeping bags when we were camping.
  6. The howl you let out when you were in the backyard and we just came home from work.
  7. The way you played dog-ball with yourself, tossing the ball or anything really, into the air and then chasing after it.
  8. The way we played with the tennis ball in the front room.
  9. Your dog-kisses.
  10. The way you got excited when I grabbed the leash to go for a walk.
  11. The way you sneezed on command for treats when I asked you to.
  12. The way you found the most disgusting thing on the beach, usually dead, to roll around on.

I think that will do for now. I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that come most to mind.

Here are a few pics of all the members of our family I mentioned in this post.

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