Road Trip 2018 – Day 1

My apologies for not getting this out to you sooner; my wife and I had been doing so much driving in the last several days seeing the sights that I didn’t take the time to sit down and share anything about our journey. So, without much ado, I give you day one:

Thursday morning we got up early, ate, packed the car and promptly headed for McCall, Idaho where our lodgings were located on Payette Lake.

The distance was roughly 456 miles and took about 7.5 hours. That was a pretty good days worth of drive right there.

Let me state right here for the record, that Idaho is beautiful. Similar to Oregon with its own distinctive features for contrast but with more craggy/mountainy hills. (Yes…I did say mountainy – sue me!) Lots of agriculture and livestock farms dotted the landscape more often than not it seemed. Truly stunning.

The day itself was a bit on the cloudy side but the pics I hope represent the the diversity of landscape outside the little slice of Oregon known as Portland, where my wife and I reside. After we arrived at our lodgings for the night, we cracked open some cold ones and settled in for some basketball.

Not much more to tell so let me wrap this up with this; If you ever get the chance to travel, DO IT! You wont regret it at all. There is so much to see and do outside our own cosims that we often don’t do or see. I want to have lived my life with the mantra “remember when” instead of “I wish I would have.” I got to tell ya, I’m not a young man (not really an old one either despite what my aches and pains say to the contrary) and am trying to make up for lost time when I was a young man and not doing as much of the things I truly enjoy. I guess it took me getting married to a wonderful woman to show me how much I love to travel. Thank you Sweety!

Here are a couple pics of day one:

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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