Road Trip 2018 – Days 3-10

Obviously time has slipped somewhat through my grasp in terms of being able to keep some of it to write during. So…instead of writing an entry for each day like I had originally wanted to, I’m instead going to do a brief outline of all the days’ events and share pics below. The pics will likely be in an order not corresponding to the actual date but you will be able to follow along I’m sure.

Day 3 – Drove to and stayed in Glacier National Park all day, visiting among other places, Lake McDonald Lodge. This was a grand old lodge built around the turn of the century in the Austrian stylings. As we walked around the lodge property, ground squirrels were everwhere. They run along the ground like a cat or ferret instead of the traditonal squirrel that kind of sproings (yes, like a Tigger) and make the cutest little sounds while they’re standing on their hind legs.

Later we drove to the South side to a place called Goat Lick Overlook…and yes, we did see a mountain goat.

Later on we drove over the continental divide to East Glacier Park Village and Two-Medicine. Gotta love the names, so descriptive.

Day 4 – Once again we hopped in the car and drove along Hwy 93 until we hit Cranbrook where we stopped in at a Thai restaurant for lunch. Both our lunches were damn spicy noodle dishes. So good.

Today was also the day we had to get back into the park with a pass from two years ago that we no longer had. The scoop as it goes initially takes place two years ago when we took a road trip to this very national park. We purchased a two-year pass for the national park as we believed we would be visiting again within that time frame. We believed the pass was still in the glove-box with all the other papers from our earlier time, including our resort booking details that showed we had indeed been here two years ago and had to pass through the checkpoint and purchase a pass.

As we could not produce our pass we thought we were going to need to buy another for the few days we were going to be in and out of the park. The attendant was very apologetic and said there wasn’t anything she could do for us. Resigning ourselves to the purchase of a new pass, the attendant spontaniously called her boss and explained the story…and low and behold, was told to write us a pass for the 5 days we were going to be staying. That was so fantastic. People here in Canada have, by and large, been SO nice. My wife and I have been doing our best to represent the US in the same light.

Day 5 – Today was a drive from the resort in Canmore to Peter Loughheed Provincial Park then to Spray Valley Provincial Park in Kananaskis (Cannon-ass-kiss or alternatively rhymes with banana with skis tacked on the to the end). While driving we did see a fox running along next to the highway with what appeared to be a freshly caught ground squirrel in its mouth.

Day 6 – We drove to Lake Louise and back. While we were at the lake, puttered around and took pics. It was so beautiful. The air was oddly very warm. I was out in just a t-shirt and was very comfortable.

Day 7 – Today’s drive consisted of touring around Bow River and Deadman Flats (again – gotta love the names – also…this is where the Revenant was filmed in large part). We did manage to see a whole mess of mountain sheep along the side of the road and up the mountain side.

Day 8 – We drove to Jasper today. Along the way we did see 2 black bears and 1 grizzly. The hump right behind the shoulder blades gives it away as a grizzly. That was exciting to say the least. We also stopped at the Athabaska Glacier within the Icefields Parkway. It was a bit of a hike to get to the Toe of the glacier but it was worth the thin air and uneven footing. Also, the fields just below the glacier are almost entirely loose rock, the perfect place to stack them upon one another. Once you see the pic, you will understand. There were dozens of them ranging in height from just inches tall to maybe 6-7 feet! It was so bizarre and great all at the same time. The selfie of me with the big fuck-all glacier in the background doesn’t really do the glacier justice to illustrate just how big the glacier still is. Yes, I said “still” because of the climate getting warmer, the glaciers are all melting. I think the information I read about this one said it was be gone in the next 100 years. So sad.

Day 9 – Today was the big travel day. We drove to Whistler stopping at every place that offered up a wonderful pic. Not to say we stopped every five minutes, no, most of the pics were taken from the car but sometimes you just have to get out of the car to take in the beauty for more than just a few passing seconds you get while driving. It seemed like just around every bend was another beatiful landscape. Sometimes they were covered in trees, other times they were rocky and craggy. It took us between 9 hours and eternity of driving to arrive in Whistler.

We were in time to see the second half of the NBA Finals game four match-up between the Warriors and Cavaliers.

We also did manage to see a moose in a field about a hundred yards (or meters since we’re in Canada – I know the conversion isn’t exact but yoou get the idea) off the hwy.

Day 10 (Today) – We walked through Whistler Village. Just a big open-air mall really but pretty cool all the same. As we wondered we came out to the ski-lift area that now was taking mountain bikers and their bikes up to the trails that had been made especially for them. It was amazing to see so many people be into down-hill mountain-biking. I guess I don’t run in those circles. All in all, it was pretty cool.

We also drove around some of the small lakes around the resort. One inparticular that was amazing was Lost Lake; it literally had tens of thousands of tadpoles at the waters edge. It was amazing…and a little creepy if I’m being honest, but mostly amazing, mostly.

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