The Taste of Victory

The taste of victory, as my wife so quickly pointed out, whilst I fumbled for the right words to express my feelings in the moment, was having a cup of fresh made coffee this morning. Pretty mundane right? WRONG! You have no idea of what I speak if you answered yes to that rhetorical question. As a matter of fact you should probably stop reading right now and go back to your boring old life, because you cannot possibly fathom the true pleasure of coffee that you grind yourself.

For those of you still with me, settle in and let me tell the journey I’ve been on since Social Isolation (SI). Let me rewind to the beginning of our story. It was a morning like any other; I get out of bed, way to early for my taste, but the dog won’t be denied, and take her outside to do her business. We come back in and a feed her then go take care of my business. Afterwards, I head to the kitchen to start water heating for the morning ritual of preparing coffee. You know, to start the day off right. I press the button on the coffee grinder, we’re not savages after-all, and to my utter horror, the coffee grinder starts to make the gawd-awful sound of gears grinding against one another. It was at that moment when I was much reminded of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone when he slaps his hands to his face as he comes to the realization that he’s been left all alone. Not in the after realization he had when he started jumping up and down on his bed because his family was not there. Instead, the realization that the constant thing in his life, was suddenly gone. Yep, it was that way for me to know that I couldn’t start not only that day off right , but many days yet to come, with freshly ground coffee.

I know, stupid people problems. Before you continue down the road of moral high-ground, I’m gonna stop you right there because I won’t be freshly-ground-coffee-first-thing-in-the-morning-to-start-the-day-off-with-a-cornerstone-ritual-that-says-everything-will-be-okay-during-this-pandemic-shamed. Deal!

Back to my regularly scheduled story, crap, where was I? Oh right, grinder malfunction. What was I going to do? I mean, if there is no coffee to reinforce some constant reminder of what life was like before SI, how was I going to make it through? That was the question.

So, as we all do when we want to do-it-ourselves, I went to YouTube to diagnose the problem. After a few miscues and rabbit-holes later, I come across what seemed to fit the bill with this video –  I knew what had to be done in order to restore order to the universe; I would repair the grinder myself. What could possibly go wrong?

With determination I set off to right the wrong the universe had placed before me. First, order the 3-D Printed part. Check. While I waited for it to arrive, I scoured the house for the proper #2 Phillips screwdriver for the job. It needed to be at least 6 inches long in the blade/tine length and had to be thin enough to go into the holes where the screws were strategically placed to hold the grinder together. Nope, didn’t have it. Next I asked my parents-in-law. Nope, not them either. Next I went to Home Depot to purchase one. Busted out there too. Not before getting a set with all sorts of attachments that one piece of ultimately got lodged in one of the holes containing one of said screws. I would have failed before I started if I could not get the inch long attachment out of the hole it had somehow got wedged in. Apparently there was hidden from view, a lip where the screw slipped under. Ugh. More waiting.

As I had no screwdriver, I was once again forced to go online to where everyone shops – Amazon. I did my research and ordered a matched set of Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers with 10″ length blade/tine. About a week later, yes a week, when the world faces a pandemic, 2-day shipping is suspended, my package arrived.

Finally I was able to put to use one of the only thing a flat-head screwdriver is good for, I was able to bore out the opening a little wider with said flat-head screw driver, allowing me to place my magnetized Phillips screwdriver into the opening and coax the attachment out. It took about 20 minutes.

After nearly breaking the grinder just so I could take it apart, I watched the above mentioned video numerous times and then took apart and put it back together no less than 5 times because one little thing was not just right when I reassembled. I felt like the blind-folded soldier breaking down and reassembling his rifle. I knew, intimately every nook and cranny of that grinder. I know how the gears works, what wires plugged in where and how everything went back together. I got pretty good at it. During the first time apart I made an effort to clean the grinder of the years of packed coffee beans. No wonder this thing was not working correctly.

Finally, after weeks and weeks of either waiting for parts or ultimately waiting for our pre-ground coffee to be done with, today I made freshly ground coffee. And yes, It Tasted like Victory! Yes, yes it did.

The End


This post is not meant to be taken too serious. I know the sort of hurt that is out there and people are experiencing. I am not blind to it. For my own sanity, I write, sometimes it’s tongue and cheek.

I know it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. I hope you’ve been well. Have you been learning new things about yourself? Have you been learning new things about the people you live with? Have you started some new project or done something wacky or crazy? I would love to hear all about it.

I have started some wire-wrapping. I have a bunch of polished stones I picked up at Goodwill and some wire purchased online and have once again gone to YouTube for instruction. I have to say, those people make it look easy. My first attempts don’t look as good…but it was a first attempt. I am not daunted. I will persevere.

More to come…

Peace be with you!

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