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The daily grind

I’m Reminded of Something Important

Greetings! Recently I was going through some of my old posts, of which there haven’t been many over the past several years actually, when I came across a reply to my 49th Birthday post. After reading it, I felt inspired … Continue reading

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Today I celebrate my 49th birthday

Okay, maybe celebrate is too strong a word for it. I must admit that with each passing year, there is a little less hair on the top of my head and the hair that I do have is either turning … Continue reading

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Yes, another boring fishing tale…or is it?

After having shaken off the lethargy from lack of sleep after a terribly busy (birthday) weekend, I would like to share a fishing story plus a few photos I took whilst I was at one of my all-time favorite spots … Continue reading

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Rose City Comic Con

NOTE: I will placing small pictures in this post but you can always click on the image to see it full sized. There are so many pics I want to share and this is the best way to do it … Continue reading

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Road Trip – Days 4-5

For day four of our excursion, we met up with some good friends of ours who were actually the peeps that invited us to go into Canada when this all started last year.¬†They were staying at a campground some 3 … Continue reading

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Road Trip ~ Day 3 ~ Canada Awaits

BREAKING NEWS – In this installment of our road trip I must start out by saying that you shouldn’t, or rather I shouldn’t, do anything before having coffee. This includes making coffee! I, in my fog-brained stupor this morning, tried … Continue reading

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Re-capturing a bit of my artistic self

Today I write about a time when I was much younger and attending Sellwood Middle School, way back in 1983. If I am doing math correctly, that is 33 years ago. I am writing about an art class I had … Continue reading

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Doing the thing you ought when time allows

Tonight, as my wife and I were watching Americas Next Top Model (yes I watch the show with my wife – what of it?) when an episode came up that dealt with the last four contestant’s mothers coming on the … Continue reading

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A Blast from the Past

I was going through some pics today for a project I am putting together and I ran across this photo. It isn’t part of the project I am working on, but I thought I would share all the same. It … Continue reading

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Ever get a gift from a friend that knows you really well?

Over the holidays, I have a friend that likes to make dessert plates filled with all manner of sweet confections that he hands out. This year my friend added a little something special. A little extra if you will. Yes, … Continue reading

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