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So much fun – So close to home

Last week(end) I celebrated my 46th birthday and because it fell on a Saturday, I decided to take some liberties and do stuff all weekend that I wanted to do. It started off by playing some magic the gathering on … Continue reading

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Fear the Con 6 ~ Rehash

Greetings! It has been a while since I last logged in and wrote so without further ado I shall recount as best I can my trip to St. Louis for Fear the Con 6. Learning from my trip last year … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering ~ Quote of the Day

For those of you not familiar with Magic the Gathering you likely will not get this. For that I apologize, I don’t mean to exclude you. For those of you that do understand MtG – this is for you… Whilst … Continue reading

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Initial phases for eStore in progress

I will start off saying that I am now in the initial phases of starting my online store. I believe I mentioned sometime ago that I was starting an online store where I could sell gaming materials. This was the … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering – MTG – ‘Gik

However you want to refer to it, it is one my favorite games of all time. With complexities to boggle the most disciplined minds and simplistic enough mechanics for those who seek a more basic game style of play, Magic … Continue reading

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Idle Chit-chat & Random Thoughts, a contest – sort of…and more!

I thought I would take a few minutes to jot down a few things I had been thinking about lately. In part because I have not been keeping up with my blog with the exception of bowling updates and I … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cards

Friday night was to be a new chapter in our card playing as we were all trying a new variant out – EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander). EDH differs greatly from traditional MTG games in that you  choose a “Commander” that dictates … Continue reading

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